The Unbreakable Condom November 13, 2017 – Posted in: Adult Industry News, News

Whenever an opportunity for some fun time shows up, you need to be ready. That means that you will need to have a condom. Far too many people get infected with all sorts of diseases, some of them incurable, because they are either too stubborn, too stupid or aren’t informed at all.

There are many condoms on the market. Some are cheaper than others; some are ribbed, others have different aromas and so on. But how many of them are resistant and bring pleasure instead of impairing it? Let’s find out.

What the Market Offers

You’ve seen it before, the same old commercial about famous condom brands. While the ads are great, there is little to no difference between a low-quality condom brand and an expensive one. The condom has remained the same for the last couple of decades.

Not only that but people, mostly young adults, prefer not using a condom at all. Why? It is because it takes away from the pleasure, or so they say. Some people agree that this is true while others think that the difference between sex with a condom and without one is negligible.

In the end, you are getting pretty much the same thing over the past couple of years, and it isn’t the best protection nor the most comfortable and pleasurable. It is time for a change; a change that will attract young adults as well.

Introducing Lelo Hex

Lelo Hex is a condom that is made to be comfortable thanks to the unique HEX structure. Because of that hexagonal structure, the condom moulds and flexes for comfort, which makes it a pleasure to wear it instead of a burden.

The Lelo Hex is also designed to be slipped easy and stay there. Not every condom can do that because of bad design and the last thing you want during sex is your condom to slip off.

This product is so well designed that is hard to break. That’s right; the hexagonal structure combines strength and thinness without impairing your pleasure. That means that even in the “hottest” nights, the Lelo Hex will provide both comfort and safety.

The Lelo Hex took seven years of research and testing. This condom is made from the strongest and thinnest material – graphene – and it was created with a hexagonal molecular structure. Because of that structure, it performs differently than any other condom in the world.

It is also ribbed, thin and the best part about it is that you can get it from almost 30 stores across Australia. The Lelo Hex was such a success that it got funded over 3,237 percent of its initial goal on the IndieGoGo site, which is incredible in itself.

All we can say is that is a step in the right direction, and this condom is the future. It is comfortable, very thin, and accessible in terms of price and you can even order it online.

So, it is time to upgrade your sex life with the new, re-engineered Lelo Hex condom.

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