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We all have our own fetishes – and when it comes to sex, everyone has a different opinion. Some people can’t do it unless that person is the love of their life. Other people can’t do it unless they at least know each other. And then there’s that category of people that don’t really give a damn who their partner is, as long as the sex is good.

But who really is in the right here? Does having sex with someone you know feel any different from having sex with someone you met five minutes ago at the bar? What are the advantages and disadvantages of both situations?

Hooking Up With Someone You Know

You’ve known him for quite a while now. You’ve seen them at work, in your circle of friends, hanged out a couple of times, you are probably even dating. The idea is that you know this person – he isn’t some creepy dude with an axe hidden in his closet or some crazy chick with fetishes you can’t handle.

Now, if you know this person – and want to get in bed with them – you probably already know of their fetishes or ability to perform. You know exactly what makes good conversation between the two of you, and if you already had a crush on that person, the sex will be all the more exciting. After all, you managed to snatch a person you’ve “admired” for quite some time… if you know what I mean.

On the other hand, having sex with someone you know might bring some unwanted complications. If you end up dating, that’s OK; but if you’re only friends with benefits, one of you might fall into the trap and become attached – which is surely not going to be easy to handle if the other is not interested. And it’s surely not going to be any better if you end up seeing or hearing about them at every corner.

Hooking Up With a Stranger   

When you have sex with a stranger, you only do it for two reasons: you’re needy, and they’re attractive. But since you don’t know them, you can’t possibly have any expectations from their performance – which barely leaves place for disappointment.

Indeed, you might not be having the emotional butterflies in your stomach that you get when you are having sex with someone you know – but you do get the butterflies of adventure. You can get the kind of thrill that only people in movies seem to get. It’s mysterious, exciting, and if you’re lucky, it may prove to be the best sex you’ve ever had.

However, while the no-strings-attached thing can be really tempting, there’s also the possibility of them being the next Dexter. Sex with a stranger obviously comes with a risk that you need to come to terms with.

The Differences

Physically, there isn’t really much difference between sex with an acquaintance and sex with a stranger; it all depends on how well your chosen partner can handle their “tools.” If they can perform, then prepare for a dreamy night.

If you have sex with someone you know, you probably have the certainty that they won’t murder you in your sleep – and if you have sex with a stranger, you have the advantage of the no-strings-attached clause. However, they both come with risks that you need to consider.

It all boils down to what you are seeking and what you are willing to risk.

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