STROKING THE EGO June 3, 2016 – Posted in: Adult Industry News

What is an Alpha male? The how, what, when and why of stroking the self-esteem boost? Regardless if you were the guy who got sand kicked in your face in nursery or the guy who had a crush on the math teacher in high school the fact remains no one is immune to the power of ego, not the Alpha, not Nice Guy Eddie not even I.T nerd. All capsizing the same testosterone-driven power boat dressed in that fickle, loose fitting life- jacket named self-esteem.

The Alpha male, self-appointed, self-congratulating leader of the pack. Advisor to men. Slayer of women. Connoisseur of sexy girls, nightclub conquests and Sydney escorts. Wikipedia describes Alpha ethology as the highest ranking individual or one who gains preferential access to food, nourishment and activities including that of a sexual nature, the status achieved either by superior physical strength or superior aggression combined with a talent for social networking and alliance building within the group. Alpha status can be challenged by way of a physical or a mental confrontation between the dominant and subordinate subject and as per the result the hierarchy can change, or can be upgraded. For the Alpha a healthy, constant supply of self-esteem boosting stimulus will be almost a nightly requirement. When a busy schedule limits available recreational time a quick visit to can stroke the ego in more ways than one whether saucy centrefolds, erotic massage or daily craves the choices are plentiful, the results empowering. Also known as an Alpha or Apex predator residence is taken at the top of a food chain upon which little or no other creatures prey. The term ‘pecking order’ believe it or not originated from a study of gender dominance within groups of chickens in late 1920’s Europe, foul behavior with chicks continuing to this very day although gentlemanly attributes are not entirely without merit in the eyes of Australian women.

nice guy eddie

Nice Guy Eddie. Designated driver. Giver of compliments and when finances permit colorful flowers. Some say Society desperately needs to change the definition of the ‘Nice Guy?’ Most women have at one time or another had a Nice Guy Eddie experience and the stories do differ. Does Nice Guy Eddie turn on the charms for the express purpose of getting laid? or is grooming a date and ultimately sexing a lady in exchange for some basic civilities the fundamental ideology? Alpha has heard these stories before and they never fail to amuse, to inspire joy “When Nice Guy Eddie doesn’t get pink he cries black!howls the Alpha with laughter “Girls don’t want to date a nice guy like me” blah blah yada yada. Women don’t want to date nice guys they want to date nice guys.

I.T nerd really needs no introduction. Vitamin E deficient. Looks forward to getting wake up X-box. You I.T nerds need to get out more! Let take you on a guided tour. Get Breathless in Surry Hills, touched by City Touch, take a quick Geez at the Ginza Club or unlock Victoria’s Secrets in Chatswood, see the brothels directory page to pick a winner. By definition I.T nerd spends disproportionate amounts of time on borderline popular, semi obscure, non-mainstream hobbies and past times. Is it not time to get off the hobby horse and take a bareback ride with one of our welcoming Perth escorts or Canberra call girls? While ‘nerd’ may be a stereotypical term it has also been reclaimed and redefined by many to indicate membership to an exclusive club or a social collective. That is all good we like all things exclusive, striving to provide all and sundry with an experience in equal parts lifting and entertaining. For rewards come to those who understand all there is to know about stroking the ego.

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