SEXPO 2016 An Unlikely Tale of Potty Mouth and so on May 18, 2016 – Posted in: Adult Industry News, Events

SEXPO2016, an unlikely tale of potty mouth and so on. If you haven’t turned establishment by 30 you may need a stiff concoction or a visit to your local establishment believe it they are popping up like Daisy Dukes in Augusta G.A or for a sneak peek and possibly the next best thing a regular Joe first time visit to SEXPO2016 ’The 20th Anniversary Show Stopper’ to stretch the comfort zone as far as it takes you without pushing the eject button, ever been up the creek without a paddle in an ocean of sweetly perfumed airbrushed skin on skin crudely punctuated by the occasional stainless steel nipple piercing come ankle bracelet, you are not alone my friend take a deep breath pluck up the courage and apply a water based non-chemical cement hold hair gel cos it’s gonna get bumpier than a Turkish hens night, time waits for no man as Lucie Bee and sordid sidekick Kim Cums will likely remind you in their trademark brand of potty mouth geek speak in between chewing more gum than the local under-14 netball team while in the same breath offering you a chance at getting shafted by a giant pink non FDA approved hot dog happy days are here again helping of no frills gender bending guilt free consenting adult entertainment would you like to go supersize with that order? #pottymouth #meandmrsjones #brothersinarms #brotiq #brothelicious


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