Sex, Drugs and Anthrax on the Gold Coast June 24, 2016 – Posted in: Adult Industry News, News

Sex, Drugs and Anthrax on the Gold Coast. A 34-year old Gold Coast Woman, Renee Elizabeth Tarbuck, recently dubbed “the meth dealing bikini model” and “Harriet Houdinifor master-minding her lucrative Gold Coast methamphetamine supply business 2012- 13 before cunningly escaping handcuffed from a ‘blue and white’ police cruiser after being picked up at Merrimac Shopping Centre, Gold Coast last May 11th 2015 on multiple drug trafficking charges, has been sentenced in the dock of Brisbane’s Supreme Court to 4-years jail with parole. The Gold Coast glamour girl is expected to serve in the region of 16 months that is if she doesn’t give them the slip a second time? As part of a prepared defence Tarbuck’s lead lawyer pleaded lenience on the part of the defendant for severe financial pressures related to pending mortgage repayments coinciding with the onset of a debilitating, mystery illness alleged to be as a direct result of an act of Anthrax poisoning.

Renee Elizabeth Tarbuck pleaded guilty in the Brisbane Supreme court to trafficking methamphetamine and other illicit, dangerous substances in a rollercoaster period of indulging a personal addiction while battling illness and mitigating payment demands in a race to save her Gold coast home. Tarbuck wept openly during the trial whilst being described as a cold, ruthless and calculated dealer of illegal and life threatening product rumoured to have boasted about the quality of her merchandise to gullible and eager buyers in between running a popular “try before you buy” promo policy. Crown Prosecutor Ben Jackson commented that the defendant had six prior offences against the Bail Act including two of failing to appear. A police operation formed after Tarbuck’s Gold Coast address had been the victim of a random drive by shooting began to unravel the details of serious and illegal actions including reports of threats and extortion delivered after a quantity of drug product had been extended to buyers on a credit system with jewellery, mobile phones or even laptops retained as collateral.

Significantly Tarbuck had spent three months on the run after her Merrimac escape which would not have helped her case in any shape or form, the judge in question reiterating quite rightly that while she may have endured “a toxic early life” in his opinion and in the opinion of the court “Any drug trafficking incidence is not an acceptable consequence of the documented misfortunes”. The original arrest warrant was issued May 22 and it wouldn’t be until August 13 that Miss Tarbuck was apprehended hiding out in Nerang, Queensland. Now in Wacol Brisbane an All-Womens jail Renee Tarbuck will have time to reflect on her actions. The claims of Anthrax poisoning are yet to be determined as genuine although the defendant also attests to instances of hair falling out, skin blistering and partial organ failure. Medical inspections will be on-going. Anthrax is an infection caused by the bacterium Bacillus anthracis, it can occur (or can be passed on) in 4 x forms, skin, inhalation, intestinal and injection and is spread by contact with the spores of bacteria often from infectious animal products (contact via breathing, eating or direct skin on skin connection etc) two months of antibiotics treatment post infection could eradicate the symptoms or an extreme case could be fatal. Miss Tarbuck was reportedly so proud of her Harriet Houdini like escape that she circulated selfies depicting her in handcuffs. Due to the seriousness of the charges particularly the dealing of raw methamphetamine all the signs are that she will be locked up for 1.5 – 2 years before parole. Also known as Ice or Crystal Meth, Methamphetamine is a resilient central nervous system stimulant most often administered for recreational purposes or in medical cases to treat attention deficit hyperactive disorder or obesity etc. In low doses the drug can elevate mood, increase energy, alertness and general concentration in fatigued individuals however in larger doses it can induce psychosis (read as violence) chronic brain seizure and life threatening cerebral haemorrhage.

Renee Elizabeth Tarbuck pleaded guilty to multiple charges of trafficking in methamphetamine and ecstasy from her Gold Coast home between the dates of May 2012- May 2013. In sentencing Justice Glen Martin noted events in her early life represented “traumatising effects” although concluded that lessons learned could provide a platform and opportunity to become a contributing, useful member of society in the many years following parole.

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