Snuggle Buddies, the New Girlfriend Experience? January 3, 2017 – Posted in: Adult Industry News

Here at, we first stumbled onto “snuggle buddies” while researching information for another topic. The article for the New York Post got us pondering if “snuggle buddies” was the new “girlfriend experience”?

First, let’s define both “cuddling” and “girlfriend experience”?

In the sex industry, “girlfriend experience” is exactly what it sounds like: an experience between a client and escort that includes a more personal interaction than a typical client/escort interaction would include. The girlfriend experience blurs the line between financial transaction and romance. The escort essentially becomes your girlfriend for the time and more often than not, the experience includes mutually agreed upon sex.

If you need a definition of “snuggle buddies”, it too is exactly what it sounds like: an experience between a client and snuggler that involves platonic touching. Think of it as curling up on the couch with your gal and watching a movie together. No sex included.

Both partnerships have their benefits. A girlfriend experience can help someone who has never experienced a girlfriend before with what it would be like to have one or even help someone in how they treat others in a relationship. A snuggle buddy experience can help those who just need a hug and an ear to listen or even help those whose anxiety has pushed them into panic mode. The experiences you receive are the efforts you and your “partner” put into it.

One may ask “why pay for either experience”?

As snuggler, VanArsdale says in the New York Post article, “The married client ‘said he loves his wife, and they have great sex, but she never just wants to lay and be with him.’ I think we’re oversexed because we’re undertouched.”

The same could be said for those who pay for a girlfriend experience. If you’re married to your job, working forty plus hours a week, and have no social life outside of work, when you do have time off and want to spend it with someone you don’t have because you live and breathe work, who are you going to turn to?

So whether you’re looking for an escort that will give you the full girlfriend experience or just looking for a cuddle, know you’ve got options when you search for the right girl.

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