Why Have Sex Therapy to Up Your Game in the Bedroom December 7, 2016 – Posted in: Adult Industry News

Don’t let it pass through your mind as something daunting. I mean the very thought of consulting with a sex therapist can be nerve racking and even embarrassing at the best of times. What I’m trying to say is, there’s definitely a reason as to why we don’t discuss our sex life when we have dinner with the in-laws. In this sense, it can simply be put that there are aspects of our life that we simply wouldn’t want to disclose with others.

This fear, the uncertainty of the unknown, is a barrier which restricts many couples from reaching out and solving their desired sexual issues. However, once overcome, it can open endless opportunities for those struggling with their intimate sessions. Much like any other therapist, a sex therapist employs the traditional and time honoured technique that is a counseling session. Think of it like school, you have a teacher who gives you the tools, which is better known as knowledge, but here there is a lack of physical application. A sex therapist gives you the knowledge to fix the issue, minus the physical application, much like school. But, the age long question is that can sex therapy really help with the absence of a lesson in practice.

The answer unfortunately isn’t universal, it is relative to each and every individual. Many benefit from the approach that sex therapists take, imagine these people as the ones that thrived at school, but many also fail. I don’t know about your own experience, but I was amongst the many that failed during the inaugural years of high school education. So for those that failed, where can we look to solve our issues under the sheets? Well, for a long time it has been a question that has remained un-answered, but in what felt like a life changing moment at a bar in the early hours of a Sunday morning, I have come up with a safe solution.

Maybe the lack of success in visiting a sex therapist is derived from the inadequate use of physical application. Now I’m not suggesting that your sex therapist should hop in bed with both yourself and your partner to help in solving these dilemmas; that just simply couldn’t happen. But, on the contrary, there are escorts out there that offer their services in situations like this. I can tell you that they are more than happy to help, and much like Sex therapists, it is part of their job.

So, when it comes to tackling these difficult issues I can only see fit that we follow this very simple three step plan. One, it is important if not imperative that we overcome the uncertainty in visiting a sex therapist, remember it’s their job to help, and they really want to! Secondly… listen, it’s very important to take on what we are told, after all that’s all we are going to get from a sex therapist. Make sure you apply these teachings to the bedroom. If the theory doesn’t translate into practice then we come to step three. Result to seek professional help in the bedroom with an escort. The introduction of someone whose profession is sex can add to the hidden element that is missing in your sex life. They can show you how and what to do in order to change completely or tweak your already existing regime. Add something different and I guarantee you will feel different.

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