What is a Green Tea Bitch? January 9, 2017 – Posted in: Adult Industry News

There is so much internet slang in the world that we laughed when we heard this one. Was it poking fun at “basic bitch”? (A basic bitch is a description of white women who are into mainstream products, trends, music and fear and dislike diversity. Think that Ugg wearing, coffee swigging, pretty blonde you always see at the café who always has the latest and greatest gadgets and that expensive designer handbag.)

Alas, “green tea bitch” was not poking fun at “basic bitch”.

It is a term all it’s own. We headed over to Urban Dictionary for clarification: An internet slang used to describe a young woman that likes to dress and act in a certain fashion in order to portray herself as pure and innocent but in reality she is a gold-digging slut that won’t think twice before she sells her own body or steps on someone’s throat to get to a higher place. This was first popularized by Chinese netizens when a whole bunch of female models and actresses were revealed to be paid escorts/prostitutes during a fashion expo in 2013.

There’s even a check list to see if the gal you’re hanging with might be a Green Tea Bitch.

Here are our five favorites from the Quora checklist:

  • Green Tea Bitch normally keeps long straight hair with bangs or parted in the center with skin color that tends to be on the paler side. Most of them aren’t drop dead gorgeous, but not ugly either and their favorite expression is to open their eyes wide and look at people (especially men) cluelessly.
  • You suddenly realize your boyfriend somehow friended her on facebook, they follow each other on twitter, he has her phone number… and they actually have a lot of chats and you have no idea how they even know each other, congratulations, you have a GTB friend.
  • Always tells people she can’t drink, but always drinks “under pressure”, and always gets drunk faster than anyone else.
  • Speaks softly and weakly, as if she hasn’t eaten for 3 days.
  • Normally has a bunch of “spare tire” guy friends, and they all have very distinctive functions: one will bring her lunch, one will help her with her homework, one will walk her home, one will fix her computer… She makes sure everyone knows she’s single, but always has a group of guys follow her around. And everyone believes she’s innocent and sweet.

The “Green Tea Bitch” term isn’t just used as a term for Asian girls who fit the description. It can be any race. We all probably know one or two ladies that fit these descriptions perfectly. Just make sure that sweet and innocent face isn’t using you as a spare tire!

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