Is Sex an Acceptable Topic of Conversation July 10, 2017 – Posted in: Adult Industry News, News

In a world of Internet, social media, and various dating apps, sex has never been more of a common topic of conversation than it is now. Everywhere we look, frommemes and trending YouTube videos, to Buzzfeed, Facebook,Tinder, and of course, Pornhub, sex is basically apparent in one form or another.

There are multiple reasons why this is; the various Internet forums, where people are more or less anonymous, therefore feel more comfortable to expose their desires; feminism, wherein women are championed to take charge, act and talk about sex, fearless of shame or repression; media, wherein the myriad online, commercial and televised outlets use what they’ve always used best to sell: sex.

With all this in mind, it’s really no surprise that talking sex has shifted away from its stigma of being ‘socially taboo’, or the archaic religious notions that it is reserved only for the betrothed. Talking sex and having sex is fun, obviously, and it’s a great thing that most of us in society can embrace that.

But it’s more than just banter. Conversations about sex inevitably lead to learning about sex. Right from a young age, sex-talk should not be discouraged because misinformation can lead to STIs, unexpected pregnancy and misuse of contraception. It becomes more of a health-talk, than, as opposed to simply sex, which in this writer’s opinion is just as important.

As far as adults are concerned, healthy sex-talk across a wide array of sexual orientations, genders and experiences, leads to an appreciation of other desires and tastes. It eliminates prejudice, even bullying, over different, perhaps ‘shunned’ types of sexual exploration. Additionally, talking about sex can break down barriers. It ensures humour and/or deeper discussion, to transpose through the awkward social etiquettes adults throw themselves into. Friendships, even relationships, can be ignited based on conversations about sex. It’s because sex is, at its base form, a vulnerable act. When opening up about one’s taste or sex life with an acquaintance, it ensures a sense of trust – a person is being honest with another. And when talking sex, honesty and trust go hand in hand.

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