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Erotic Stimulation aka E-Stim aka Electrosex according to Wikipedia is: “a sexual practice involving the application of electrical stimulation to the nerves of the body, with particular emphasis on the genitals, using a power source (such as a TENS, EMS, Violet wand, or made-for-play units) for purposes of sexual stimulation. Electrostimulation has been associated with BDSM activities, and erotic electrostimulation is an evolution of that practice.”

In short, it is a stimulator that contains some electrical current that shocks you.  If you are curious which implement to use, here’s a list of tools that are frequently used for e-tim sex play.


Wands are the most popular in this type of sex play. They are modern day sex toys known as kink stimulation toys that emit a low current of high voltage to the body parts that you want to stimulate. Our KINKLAB NEON WAND creates an electrical discharge across the surface of the skin that produces sensations over a broad range, from a pleasurably warm tingling, to a more intense, focused sensation that some find painful


This little kit will give your sex life a charge with our first-ever wireless Shock Therapy massager! This incredible Professional Wireless Electro-Massage Kit is easy enough for those new to electric stimulation, but strong enough to satisfy the most experienced e-stim aficionados. It sends electrical impulses to its terminals and can be used on high or low settings.

Shock Therapy Gloves

Designed for an electro-massage for your partner, or yourself. Little electrical impulses will occur anywhere you touch with the gloves on. As a side note, wearing latex or rubber gloves under the massage gloves will help prevent the shocks from transferring to you.


Just what the doctor ordered, if you want a little fun when you’re partner isn’t around. Use like you would use vibrating panties, except it is electro-shock you’re dealing with. They have a power unit that will send the impulses to the metal parts of the panty, giving the wearer some e-stim fun.


No explanation needed!

Be sure to read safety rules for playing with any and all of these types of toys, one wrong move could mean the difference between life and death, seriously.

If you’re considering this type of play for yourself or your partner, you can read more HERE. Watch videos, read instructions, read reviews and stories, and everything else you might need to know so that your session doesn’t turn into an emergency room visit or worse. Enjoy!

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