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Pay piggies, cash piggies, human ATM, or money slave are some popular terms coined for the male or submissive to pay his dom/mistress or ‘financial female dominant’. This practice is also used vice versa, but usually it’s the man who does the paying rather than the female. Financial domination can also be considered a part of the Sugar Daddy/Mama scenario, although it’s not quite the same. The submissive lavishes his dominant with money, and gifts.

Some of these particular situations are solely done online, no face to face personal contact. Yet, others are done in the real world. It all depends on the situation and what the dom wants for the most part. Either way, they are lavished with gifts and money. There are even phone sex operator lines that cost a lot more money per minute to curb appetites of those that practice the fetish. For instance, a phone sex operator can earn anywhere from $0.99 a minute to $2.25 a minute on a common phone sex website, but when they are on one of the financial domination websites their rates are usually above $5.00 a minute. Pay piggies will pay whatever it takes just to speak to their special operator.

Now, as with all fetishes, the experts claim that financial domination derives from the need for a loss of control in their otherwise normal and hectic lives. Picture this: a man works 40-80+ hours a week, owns his own company, has to make all of the decisions in his personal and business life, and can’t hold onto a relationship with a female because of the crazy lifestyle he lives. He’s stressed out, big time. As with many fetishes, being financially dominated is a way to break away from real life into a fantasy world that he is more than willing to turn over all control to his financial dominatrix, including all control of his finances. Then he is happier than hell to do whatever is desired by his domme. This is a common scenario inside the world of financial domination, but there are a wide variety of other scenarios as well.

Being a Sugar Daddy/Mama is actually a little different than true financial domination. True financial domination doesn’t involve sex with your submissive, whereas being a Sugar Daddy/Mama usually does along with the gift and money giving. Even though a sugar daddy scenario is an aspect of financial domination, they are different as far as expectations go from both parties.

Check out this Vice video about Financial Domination below for a more in-depth look at this fetish:

I hope you enjoyed your little peek with me into the world of Financial Domination. There isn’t much information in this piece because I’d be here all day long, but I would suggest reading some of the financial domination stories online, this way you’ll see all the different varieties out there. It really is rather interesting to see all the differences and it makes for some tantalizing dinner talk! Enjoy!

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