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What a rush outdoor sex is! Any time, anywhere, nothing beats it. For anybody who’s had it, the thrill of being caught heightens the sexual momentum, and is akin to an aphrodisiac. Outdoor sex is also incredibly romantic, and can help spice up a long-term couple’s sex life, if need be.

However, there are many risks when undertaking outdoor sex. Don’t treat it lightly, because the consequences are dire, and even dangerous. So, for those who have toyed with the idea, but don’t know quite what to do, or how to have outdoor sex safely, here are some tips!


It’s all about location, obviously!

Firstly, you want to find a place that you know and know well. Whether it’s a beach, look-out, bush, roadside, alley-way, library, changing-room, etc., know the location. This includes the traffic of people, vehicles and surveillance. You don’t want to wind up unexpectedly viral on a porn site from somebody filming you! Additionally, if any police get involved… well, that sort of speaks for itself.


Depending on you and your partner’s mood, pick a location that satisfies that. If it’s a raunchy quickie, then maybe a roadside or vacant carpark is best. If it’s lovey-dovey romance, try a beach at night time, in the warmer weather.


This may be too extreme for some, but if the idea of exhibitionism gets you going, then pick a place that’s both hidden, but open to prying eyes. This could be a hotel room with a huge glass window (the film Shame, anyone?), or perhaps the confines of nudist beach. These places are secluded enough from eyes you don’t want watching you, but are open enough for the curious, yet subtle voyeur.

Physical Safety

Cannot stress this enough. The downside of having naked outdoor sex is there’s a high risk of getting unwanted things all up in your bits and bobs. Spiders, glass, leaves, sand… the list goes on! If you’re doing the deed in a bush, then make sure you pack a blanket. If a car is more your style, then double check for any insects, as they have a way of finding there ways in and staying hidden.


This one is pretty straight forward. Confidence is key to great outdoor sex. The adrenaline amps this up, but you and your partner both have to be willing and comfortable with each other’s bodies for this to be successful. If you’re already great at sex together, this shouldn’t be too much of an issue. Some careful planning can go a long way – especially if you’re just starting out.

Best of luck!

Charlie Hayley

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