Is Douching Necessary? December 14, 2017 – Posted in: Adult Industry News, LGBTQ

Douching can seem a bit strange to those who know very little about it. This is understandable since, for the most part, it was originally used in a medical context. These days however, many people undergo this procedure in order to improve their sex lives. So, if you have ever wondered what douching is and why people do it – well, feel free to read on!

So, What Exactly is Douching?

In essence, douching (sometimes called anal douching or rectal douching) is the act of rinsing one’s anus. Of course, this doesn’t necessarily have to just be the anus. For a lot of women, performing this on the vagina is also quite popular. As stated before, there were often many medical reasons for doing this. Giving the body a general “clean out” is one of them.

Douching is commonly used nowadays in preparation for anal sex. It is therefore performed by a significant portion of the gay community to ensure good, clean fun in that regard. There are even tools that you can get which will help you to douche out your anus properly. Many of them usually involve squirting water into the anus and then letting it rinse out. This process is something that is normally carried out a couple of times over. It is also something that occurs just before sex is about to take place.

Why Do People Douche?

Douching can (and is) performed on the vagina, but this is a hygienic practice that isn’t entirely necessary. It is used by women who just want to feel clean. Those who douche their anus, however, are usually preparing to receive anal sex. They, therefore, want to make sure that this particular part is fully open and ready to receive their partner.

When having anal sex, it is good to make sure that everything is clean down there. Usually, this just means emptying the bowels, but douching is something that can actually significantly reduce the risk of anything coming up. A lot of gay men who bottom regularly want to make sure that they are always clean in that area. They do not want to run the risk of embarrassing themselves and then soiling themselves while having sex. Having a clean and ready anus is a turn on for a lot of people and this is why douching is usually performed.

Is Douching Entirely Necessary

The truth is – it utterly depends. Anal douching is something that is usually done as a matter of preference. If you are about to receive analingus, it is generally good practice to at least make sure that you are clean down there. You could say that douching is very much a form of “extreme cleaning”. This is what makes it a popular tool for gay men.

Overall, it is up to you to decide if you want to incorporate this into your sexual preparation practices. Douching can be a great way of making you feel clean, but it is something you should do only if you feel that it is necessary.

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