Erotic Hypnotism February 20, 2017 – Posted in: Adult Industry News

Erotic hypnotism is exactly what its name implies. It is hypnotism but without the intent of any mainstream curative or entertainment purposes. It’s more along the lines of recreational hypnosis, you know, the kind you’d get with dinner and show at any “decent” Las Vegas casino. Of course the “recreation” is not something you would get with dinner and show.

Naturally there’s a little more to it. Where a hypnotist might get Grandma up on stage in front of her seniors group while on a twilight cruise around the world and make her do the chicken dance at the whim of a certain trigger word or snap of fingers, the seeds sown by an erotic hypnotist are for the purpose of arousal and sexual response. Obviously not something an erotic hypnotist would try out with Grandma – somebody else’s Grandma maybe but certainly not their own.

Obviously, it’s a fetish and something along the lines of domination. I mean, control over a person’s mind would have to be more of an aphrodisiac to a natural born dom than just control over a person’s body and movements.

With all hypnotism it comes with the purported ability to make the hypnotised do whatever their hypnotiser commands.

As mentioned above, erotic hypnotism doesn’t really have the purpose of curing things like smoking nor does it have the same standing as therapeutic hypnotism has in the world of psychology such as the type which seeks to work through anxiety or trauma related problems stemming from buried memories.

In saying that, erotic hypnotism is somewhere in between purely having command over a person  (and the erotic thrill of being at the mercy of someone else) and curing behaviours and delving into the subconscious. Erotic hypnotism can be used to help people overcome inhibitions, sometimes working through such inhibitions if they have been caused by sex related trauma and can also be beneficial in helping people develop more control over things such as premature ejaculation.

While looking at erotic hypnotism from that angle it seems all quite productive, but like all hypnotism it really isn’t an exact science. But then for the purposes of mental barriers the belief in hypnotism as something which can and does work might just be the trick. And if you aren’t a skeptic it must surely be seen to be a comparatively healthier and less invasive way to overcome issues relating to ejaculation or libido without the use of drugs or implants.

If you do ever want to give being erotically hypnotised a go please, please, please do not fall for the hacks as I am sure there will be plenty out there! Also be mindful of your personal safety of course and be sure you can trust your hypnotist partner. Both are reasons why finding someone who is recognised as knowing what they’re doing- not just some guy or girl advertising their prowess on Craigslist- is all the more important.

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