Cuckoo for Cuckolds February 27, 2017 – Posted in: Adult Industry News

Peculiar tactics have resulted in some species’ effort to survive. They range from stalking prey, burrowing for protection and developing toxins. But some have resorted to trickery to ensure the propagation of their kind. Take, for instance, the cuckoo. This charlatan bird plants its eggs in the nest of other birds so that the surrogate mother will raise the cuckoo’s hatchlings. This often ends up in the host mother’s own babies dying. It’s an awfully large sacrifice to raise another’s kids, and I can’t help but wonder if the bird has any clue of the intruders. Surely, if the bird was aware she would refuse to cooperate.

But alas, the animal kingdom is a nutty place, almost as nutty as humans. Yeah, that’s right, we’re nuts, some might even say nuts to butts. However, I’m not qualified to make that determination. One reason why we are strange is, like the cuckoo, we also plant children in surrogate families – and I’m not talking about adoption – it’s trickery of the utmost deviant. It was prevalent among aristocracy from the Age of Discovery up to the Victorian era for women to become pregnant from another man. It was also the subject in many of Shakespeare’s plays too – who thought of it as the ultimate shame. It was kind of a game to turn a husband into the aptly named cuckold. And just like the host bird, the husband would compassionately raise the children and forever be a cuckold.

However, he would only be considered a cuckold if he did not know of the infidelity. What’s more cruel is the response of the town if he ever discovered the truth. The man would be adorned with antlers and paraded around town in a grand act of humiliation for being deceived. If our ancestors have taught us anything, it’s that you should kick hard, and kick swift when a person is already down.

We have come a long way since, and time gave rise to the spectacular fetish of cuckolding. Can you guess what it is? Well, you’re wrong. It is actually finding pleasure in watching your significant other have sex with another person, no trickery or pregnancies involved. Cuckolding is a hybrid of a voyeur and a wittol – which is a man aware and accepting of his wife’s infidelities – but rooted in sadomasochism, specifically, humiliation.

Choosing a suitor for your partner can be a difficult task, but in the spirit of humiliation one often looks for a person endowed in all respects. While the man is watching his partner have sex, she rejoices in ecstasy and highlights the inadequacies of the cuckold. So if it is shame you like, then take it from Shakespeare.

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