Drunk Sex: Getting it on Under the Influence March 7, 2016 – Posted in: Adult Industry News, Sex Advice

Alcohol can either be really good for sex, or absolutely awful. Sex while drunk can be hindered by a number of factors, including (but not limited to) impotence: a man’s inability to maintain his erection. Have you heard of Whiskey dick? It’s a very real condition. The worst case scenarios of drunk sex involve inadvertent bodily functions happening as a result of too much booze and excessive movement. Short of these two horrible hypothetical situations, there is a lot that can go right. Many of us have engaged in drunken romps, especially of the casual variety. While there is nothing wrong with how you choose to approach your sex life, there are good and bad points to consider. We weighed up the pros and cons of having sex while drunk.

The Good, Bad and Ugly of Having Drunk Sex

The good

     You feel more confident and sexy. Alcohol loosens your inhibitions, and you might feel like a sexual god or goddess. You may feel daring enough to try new things or things you’d usually be too reserved to do.

     You’re a little more relaxed and comfortable.

     Thanks to the power of alcohol, your driving emotion will most likely be horniness, rather than logic or reason.

The bad

     You feel more confident. How can this go wrong, you ask? Well! You’ll try this fan-dangled position you saw in porn or in a crudely drawn cartoon on the door of a toilet stall. If you’ve ever seen an act and gone “How would that even work?”, drunk you will think you’ve got it sussed. You don’t have it sussed. Don’t try to lift anyone or bend them (or yourself) like a pretzel.

     You’re so relaxed and comfortable you fall asleep or you’re unable to concentrate on keeping your erection or staying lubricated. In addition to the well-known penis problems, alcohol also negatively affects a woman’s ability to stay wet.

     Being driven by horniness leaves you susceptible to making bad decisions. Whether that be hooking up with someone you definitely shouldn’t, or going for gold in a place you shouldn’t. Drunken sex has the potential for trouble. Being intoxicated is not an excuse for poor behaviour.

The ugly

      Like we mentioned at the beginning, you are prone to bodily functions. A slightly queasy stomach will take any chance to expel its contents, and what’s more of a green light than some pressure on the gag reflex? Nothing like blowing chunks on someone rather than just blowing them. Also there’s accidentally following through on an untrustworthy fart. That never ends well unless your partner happens to be a secret fan of scat play. Probably best not to find that out the hard way.

You may be able to handle your booze and have amazing sex while you’re drunk. More power to you if that’s the case. Unfortunately it’s impossible for everyone to have the same experience. Sometimes drunk sex will be great, other times it’ll be pretty underwhelming. It is the chance we take. Remember that no matter how much you have had to drink, or the amount of pros and cons listed above, consent is always the number one consideration. If you think someone is too drunk to make a conscious decision, don’t do it. Stay safe!


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