Disability-Friendly Sex Workers in Australia March 4, 2016 – Posted in: Adult Industry News

When it comes to our lives, we often take for granted that we are physically and mentally healthy or healthy ‘enough’. We can walk, talk and make decisions for ourselves.

We live independently (or are able to) and conduct mostly successful social interactions all the time, multiple times a day. Unfortunately, there is a big part of our community that is unable to live the same way.

Some things that most of us take for granted are our physical and mental abilities. As recently as December last year, there were about 4 million Australian people living with a disability. A quarter of these people are between the ages of 15 and 64. This age range is more or less the prime of your life when you should be out pursuing romantic relationships and exploring your sexuality. Because this is incredibly difficult for physically and mentally impaired individuals, there are now more options for sexual exploration.

Disabled Clients for Disability-Friendly Sex Workers

Rachel Wotton, a sex worker with plenty of industry experience, is a co-founder of Touching Base. The organisation connects disabled clients with sex workers in order to fulfil their emotional and physical wants or desires. It is understood that not every individual will be seeking a sexual session, as is the case in escorting generally. Touching Base offer training workshops for sex workers looking to be disability-friendly in their services, in the form of Professional Disability Awareness Training (PDAT) and Service Provider Awareness Training (SPAT). The latter is accessible to providers and carers to help them assist a disabled individual with their access to the sex industry.

Escorts around Australia that are disability-friendly are listed on the Touching Base website under the referral list. They will often include this detail on their advertising profiles and personal websites. If you’re a client, you can use the list to enter in your details – location, name, age and some personal information regarding your sexual history and what you are looking for. Like any escort service, there are incall and outcall providers to suit your needs. Sex workers registered with Touching Base are experienced and trained in the use of special equipment (wheelchairs, hoists, etc). They also understand that often times there is third party assistance on location during a booking.
It is sometimes the case that a carer or family member will contact the escorts on behalf of the client, which is very much acceptable as there might be many details to work out. Thanks to organisations like Touching Base, and a network of professionals with the skills to provide to people from all walks of life, there’s no reason why we can’t all enjoy the fun things in life. Whether you’re physically disabled from illness or of a senior age with limited mobility, there are escorts that are happy to spend time with you.

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