Guide to Buying Her a Sex Toy This Holiday Season March 11, 2016 – Posted in: Adult Industry News, BDSM

Buying a sex toy as a gift for your lady friend can be a bonding experience, as well as a way for you to give her an orgasm without even being in the room. When there’s an occasion that calls for presents, think outside the box. Actually, think inside the box and deliver her pleasure this holiday season. When you’re considering buying a sex toy for someone else, you should already have some knowledge about her turn-ons. Don’t dive into the world of dildos and get something way off. Follow our guide and you can both enjoy a climactic Easter.

How to Buy Her a Sex Toy She’ll Love

She likes clitoral stimulation.

The toys: Something that focuses on the clitoris, obviously. Rabbit vibrators are known for their clit-specific stimulators that flick and rub a woman’s sensitive spot with ease, while reaching inward towards the G spot. There are also the wand options, which vibrate across a slightly larger area of the vagina and ensure that every nerve ending is invigorated. They can be improved with accessories for even greater orgasmic power. Next, there are bullet vibrators. They’re sleek, discreet and straight to the point. Small and powerful; bullet vibrators are the perfect size to hit the spot as soon as they’re held against the clitoris. Another innovative invention in sex toys that women love is the oral sex simulator. It features a wheel of little silicone tongues that flick the clit and feel just like the real thing.

She’s all about the G-spot.

The toys: A good old-fashioned dildo. Feeling creative? Consider making your lady a mould of your own member, especially if you’re packing an impressive appendage. Short of that, the realistic veiny silicone dicks are tried and true. Find ones that curve up to hit the G-spot above all else. For something a little different, give her one with a suction cup. Walls, doors, and smooth floors – all suction cup friendly and she can stick it wherever she likes before she climbs on board and rides herself to climax. With dildos, the colour, shape, vibrating function and length are all up to you, and so the combinations are nearly endless.

She likes to use toys together

The toys: If you’ve used sex toys together as part of foreplay or during sex, look for something you can use together – or apart! Vibrating eggs and the WeVibe range are two examples of sex toys that offer a collaborative experience. She gets to feel the vibrations and sensations of the toys inside or outside, and you have the power to control them remotely. These are sex toys that have app functionality, so if you’re apart you can use your smartphone to give her a quick buzz, or you can watch her body shake and writhe in pleasure in person as you increase the speed.

She is adventurous.

The toys: Buying a sex toy for a self-confessed sexual explorer can be fun, but it can be very awkward if you’re not involved on an intimate level. If you’re not in a sexual or romantic relationship don’t buy them a butt plug. Assuming you are, base your gift ideas on hints from your real life experiences. She might be looking to try out anal, or take some baby steps into BDSM, rope play and bondage. In this case a beginner’s butt plug or anal beads should do just fine, or a soft restraint pack with silky ropes and blindfolds.

As is the case with any time you buy a present, getting something that is clearly for you is selfish and comes across as a dick move. For example: your girl has told you she has no interest in pain play and you buy her a whip, this will work against you. As long as whatever sex toy you’ve left under the tree says you’re thinking about her pleasure and not just yours, there should be no problem. If you get stuck, there are always sexy games to get both your juices flowing.

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