Finding Brothels Around Me On the Fly October 4, 2016 – Posted in: Adult Industry News

Having your go to brothel is always ideal, but chances are you’re not always in your usual stomping grounds when you get that urge to seek out some erotic entertainment. Don’t let travelling for work or pleasure leave you scratching your head and wondering, “How will I find a brothel around me where I can have some fun and let off steam.” With all these websites and apps out there that tell you everything from where to eat, where to sleep, and where to party, you can believe that there is something similar for brothels. Finding a brothel on the fly from your smart phone or device is now easier than ever.

Brothels Around Me

You could use Google’s mapping feature or ask your OS personal assistant, Siri or Cortana, to help you out with your search, but your best bet is going to be sticking with a directory site that specializes in the kind of services you’re after.  If you’re in Australia you’re in luck because you have the advantage of results catered to your interests and particular location, often times down to the kilometre is going to give you all the best options of brothels throughout Australia. They have handpicked the best bordellos in Australia, so you know you’re going to get quality and not just some random search results. Having a service that curates your adult entertainment will save you the time and trouble of figuring out where the hot spots are.

If you want to browse escorts, is site you need to remember to find nearby escorts, brothels, agencies and erotic massage parlours. They have a mobile friendly website which is perfect for when you are looking for a companion when you’re on the go.  Click the “Escorts Near You” button and you can immediately see a list of escorts within a km radius.  All you have to do is make the call. How easy is that?! Looking for something more specific? Try an adult directory site like or

Finding Brothels on Social Media

In addition to brothel and escort directories, social media can be a great way to search for and interact with escorts or local brothels.  Since Twitter doesn’t have the same strict regulations about nudity that other social media platforms such as Facebook and Instagram have in place, it has become the new frontier for sex workers to promote themselves.  Try searching Twitter for #escort or #brothel and whatever city you happen to be in and chances are, you’re going to have a feed full of enticing options.  The fun part about this method is that it allows you the opportunity to interact. spoke with a Sydney based sex worker, Mia Monroe, who reported that she gets 40% of her clients from Twitter.  “With Twitter, clients can tell that I’m not fake and they can see what I look like without Photoshop,” Monroe said.

Another way to find anonymous reviews and insights about brothels in different areas is to do search on  You may find client reviews of different establishments or stories of patrons or sex workers sharing their experiences. If you have a little more time on your hands you could make a post on their online forum and see what feedback you get from other people who may have visited brothels in the city you’re after.

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