Sex Robots in Future Brothels September 23, 2016 – Posted in: Adult Industry News

Imagine having sex with a robot who will cater to all of your sexual needs and desires. It may sound like a sci-fi movie plot but sophisticated sex robots are being developed as we speak.

There has been many advances in the sex toy industry with the devices that mimic sensations of sex. But how far will these technologies progress? The technology is not quite the same as the real thing yet. Currently the Real Doll is said to be the most realistic love doll in the market but this sophisticated love doll still cannot interact with you like a real person. Matt McMullen, the CEO of “love doll” manufacturer RealDoll, is busy making a new toy that could blink, open its mouth and even have a chat with you, totally revolutionising sexual relationships. It is said that the end goal is to create a doll that behaves like ‘she’ enjoys sex.

Could you be attracted to Sex Robots?

But there is always the question whether you or I can actually be physically attracted to a robot. Uncanny valley has been the common problem suggested in regards to humanoid robots, where humanoid robots that are almost identical to humans with some unhuman features or tendencies make people feel uneasy or creeped out. The developers had the tricky task of creating a humanoid robot which humans could find attractive. There has been an influx of realistic robots being designed, some of which are so realistic they have been mistaken for a human, meaning these robots could appear to be extremely realistic and creepy at the same time.

Unfortunately the Artificial Intelligence (AI) is not currently at the point that it needs to be at for the sophisticated robots that could understand and learn from what its partner enjoys. The robots may be easily confused by the user’s commands which may cause issues. But AI technology has had many advances over the past few years so we could expect to see an intelligent sex robot in the near future.


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These humanoid robots will revolutionise the sex industry

Soon brothels and escort services will be able to offer these humanoid robots to their clients. These robots will be able to make all of their client’s fetishes and fantasies come true. Plus Ian Yeoman has theorised that these androids will decrease sexually transmitted diseases and infections while also reducing the issues like kidnapping and slavery in places like Amsterdam. The robots could eventually be a cheaper substitute to human sex workers.

So will the future of the sex industry lie in the hands of sex robots? Imagine booking a session with a sex robot at a brothel or booking an incall with a sex robot in the near future. Because it could actually come true!

People will even be able to have their very own sex robot at home

Could our relationship with these robots develop to something more than sex? At the moment the thought of having sex with a robot may seem strange but the co-author of the paper entitled Love and Sex with Robots, David Levy suggested that eventually we may even fall in love with robots in the future. Weddings of the future may not necessarily just be between two people, it may also be common for man and machine to tie the knot. Although the AI technology is probably not anywhere near that level yet.

Although in a perfect world, we could fall in love with our very own robot who will cater to all our needs and desires, both physically and mentally. But from what popular culture has taught us, they could also turn against us some day. How intelligent can AI become? I mean, we’ve all seen Terminator and i, Robot. And we all know what happened at the end of Ex Machina (if you haven’t seen it yet, go watch it!)


Only time will tell what the relationship between man and machine will develop into but it is looking to be an interesting road ahead.

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