Brothels, Escorts, Massage Parlours, Oh My! October 27, 2016 – Posted in: Adult Industry News, BDSM, Brothels, Escorts

Whether you’re new to the Land Down Under or a permanent resident, did you know that visiting a brothel in Australia is not a criminal offense? Unlike the stringent laws of  the United States  – where all states but one prohibit the establishment of brothels – Australia is home to some of the worlds finest establishments. If you’re wondering what state, that would be the state that houses “Sin City” (aka Las Vegas), Nevada.

So, if you’ve ever wondered what it would be like to visit a brothel, you will find yourself in a comfortable position.

Don’t think of brothels just as a place that is sex-for-hire. You can find havens of pleasure, sanctuaries of bondage, BDSM, fetish fun, spaces for sophisticated boom boom, and more. Whatever you desire, there is a brothel out there for you. Be it a traditional establishment or a more contemporary Asian or BDSM establishment, your choice is as limitless as your desire. So if you want Asian, blonde vs brunette, small breasts vs large breasts, fetish or not, there’s a brothel out there for you.  Take a dip in the water without fear.

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If you don’t want to visit a brothel, you can always choose an escort to keep you company. Again, whatever you desire can be found. These ladies are highly skilled in the art of seduction and fulfilling your sexual desires. Think the female version of James Bond, minus the license to kill. You can find escorts of all ages, gender, and race who will satisfy any and every carnal desire you may have or want to try. There is a girl or guy out there for you.

Maybe you’re looking to blow off stress and have fun, then an erotic massage parlour is for you. If you’re craving a little more than a “rub and tug”, you can choose a nuru massage (one or more masseuses rubbing their gelled up naked body against your gelled up naked body) and with a little extra thrown in you can expand your massage to include a sex toy show, oral sex and spa session with your masseuse.Your experiences are limited only by your minds desires. All erotic massage parlours have staff that are trained and qualified masseuses. They know what they’re doing when it comes to making you feel good, physically and sexually.

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