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Bisexual Men

Sex is a complicated topic and so is the topic of sexual orientation. When it comes to sexuality, there have been quite a lot of studies performed. However, a lot of people are still somewhat confused by the concept of bisexuality. For many, it seems to be one of those things that is simply not spoken about that much. Of course, these days there are plenty of movements which highlight bi visibility for both men and women. It is, however, male bisexuality that is often put under a harsher light than female bisexuality.

The reason for this is probably because female bisexuality is often considered to be a commodity that can be bought, sold and consumed. Male bisexuality lies somewhere on the fringe, which gives some people the impression that it doesn’t exist.

Men and Sex: Just Looking for a Ride

What’s interesting to note is that there are a lot of men out there who would consider themselves “straight”. They have relationships with women, affairs and one-night stands. This is all well and good, however many of them are just fans of sex in general. This means that sometimes they will cruise for men to have sex with. While they may not necessarily consider themselves gay, they enjoy having sex with other men.

There are two possibilities here. First of all, they could be men who are “generally” bisexual but prefer to exclusively have relationships with women. The sex part, on the other hand, is something that can be lived out with men. On the other hand, some of these men are simply straight and just enjoy the actual act of sex. When they’re horny, they’re horny and it doesn’t really matter what kind of genitals their partner has.

Sex and Relationships

Sex often takes place within the confines of a relationship. For some men, sex with a woman in a relationship is desirable. This means that sex outside of the relationship can happen with other men. It can be all in good fun but is simply not desirable in a long-term relationship with them. And of course, the genders can be reversed.

Certain guys may consider themselves gay but will enjoy flings with women. This may or may not be done with the knowledge and/or consent of their partner. There is a whole spectrum here that can sometimes be very difficult to figure out.

Simply Live the Life You Feel

For men specifically who feel pressed by society and its expectations, it is important to simply follow what it is they are interested in. Sexuality can be a rather fluid thing and have a raging boner for one man doesn’t necessarily mean that you are completely gay. There is a lot of wiggle room in between (pun intended!). It is ultimately up to the person in question to determine their sexuality. This is especially true for men who consider themselves bisexual: sexuality is not about actions, but how a person chooses to define themselves in a particular situation.

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