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Bisexual Women and Sex

Bisexual Women and Sex – For the last half-century, female bisexuality has always been seen as a commodity to be sold and consumed. This is often why bisexuals in general have a very distorted public image, and why many people even refuse to believe that they exist.

Especially in the last few decades, girls who claimed to be bisexual were mainly seen as doing it in order to please men or whoever was watching. However, the concept of bisexuality (and especially female bisexuality) is one that is particularly complicated.

It is well-known that in general, women tend to be much more emotionally available to one another. This is primarily due to upbringing and how women are raised: many of them are expected to be “mother figures” and this can have an effect on someone as they are growing up. Which of course means that during the teenage years and especially in college, there is a lot more room for experimentation.

Bisexual Women: Not Automatically Up for a Threesome

A lot of women who determine that they are bisexual will be proud to admit it. You can often see this on dating sites. In most cases, they will mention this in their profile text. This is just a measure to be clear and to explain that both men and women are welcome to write to them for a potential date. However, this is often seen by many men as saying, “I’m up for a threesome”.

Threesomes are fun and there are a lot of people out there who want to participate in one. However, a lot of these messages that bisexual women receive tend to be rather presumptuous and invasive. It is not just men who are the perpetrators, either: women who are looking for a “third” to add to their couple will often hound bisexual women.

Levels of Bisexuality

At the end of the day, both bisexual men and bisexual women are very different on an individual basis. Bisexuality itself doesn’t necessarily mean that you want to sleep with everyone. In fact, women, in particular, are a lot better at making the distinction between their sexual feelings and their emotional feelings. Many will be more than happy to sleep with a woman but are not sure if they could maintain a relationship with one.

Having a partner who is bisexual can be a blessing for many people, even if they are not interested in opening up the relationship to anyone else. This is because bisexual people tend to try out and explore new styles and models. Many of them will be more than happy to experiment with different types of sex toys, positions etc. In general, there is a much higher level of tolerance that anyone can benefit from.

It is important to remember that people are just people, and a label like “bisexual” is not going to change the basics of that simple fact. This tends to be something many forget, especially when they are seeking out new sexual partners online.

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