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What is Bestiality?


Bestiality is the act of making love or having sexual intercourse with a lower animal.

This has been a controversial topic with most animal protection organisations because animals do not possess the same level of judgement and morality as we do therefore they cannot give consent.

But there are obviously other reasons it is unaccepted apart from consent.

In reality, the act of fornicating with animals has been well recorded in antiquity. It remains a part of every culture during those times and people even painted and sculpted people having sex with animals.

Greece, for instance, has several myths pertaining to Gods and animals having sex.

This is largely part of their culture and something we have acquired through the books we’ve read or through lessons taught in the classrooms, except the bad parts of it were edited by our professors.

Nonetheless, bestiality is not uncommon and is more prevalent than you might have possibly thought.

Bestiality is Accepted by Law and Not Illegal in Some Parts of the World

Let’s not go further beyond our country and look at some places that do not accept bestiality as a criminal act.

Take for instance Texas, who does not see bestiality as lawfully wrong. This means that any man or woman can have sex with their dogs and not get penalised for it.

Although morality dictates that it is not appropriate. Those with the inclination to have sex with animals will never be arrested.

There are no existing laws about it and the existing laws only apply to humans and not to animals.

As long as a man fornicating with an animal does not hurt or kill the animal.

Some people think that it is not cruelty and he has done nothing wrong.

Several countries also agree on this fact including:



and even conservative Japan.


Over the last few decades though, the prevalence of bestiality has dropped down.

Animal cruelty organisations aiming to give more rights to our pets and other animals.

It might be also surprising to say that about five years ago.

Bestiality was considered legal almost everywhere including:


Sweden who considers bestiality as a social problem.

The Changing Law on Animal Cruelty and How it Affects Bestiality

Because animals do not have the voice to speak for themselves, strong initiatives from animal rights advocacy groups look for ways to change laws affecting animals.

Considering bestiality or zoophile as an act of animal cruelty are some of the cases they are fighting for.

Also, even considering countries and places where man-to-animal fortification is considered legal, moral dictates and society viewpoint does not accept it as socially acceptable.

Most people, who engage in such acts, do it in hiding.

This is mainly because people find it gruesome and improper to fornicate with an animal.

People with the inclination to bestiality often congregate on the Internet looking for ways to keep things for themselves and indulge in their own fantasies.

Society considers bestiality or zoophilia taboo and some countries are trying to change the perception.

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