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Top Website for Swingers

The underground swinging scene in Australia is very much alive. The sexual revolution in the West in the 60s and the 70s was like a dam that burst from the repressed feelings prior to the 50s. In the 80s, however, the spectre of AIDS dampened the mood and swinging seemed to have disappeared. But it never really went away. Not by a long shot.

In fact, there are great swinging websites in Australia that couple swingers can go to. It’s pretty much an open secret. Melbourne is considered as the swinging capital Down Under. On average, there are 10-15 swinging parties being hosted every weekend in the city. Compare that to Sydney where there are only about 7-8 at a time.

If you are new to the swinging scene, you can start with these websites because they basically do everything for you.

Adult Matchmaker 

This remains Australia’s premium website for swingers since it was founded in 2002.   There are local chat rooms, which makes it easier to find couples near you. You can also join the hosted parties from the site. All members have been vetted so safety’s sake, and also for their genuine interest to swap.


Although this one is Australian-owned and operated, it has more of an international flavor with members from all over. Even if this is meant for couple swingers, it also has single members as well. The chat rooms are very active so you can immediately hook up with like-minded couples. Just like Adult Matchmaker, you can also join events and swingers parties and see just how alive the scene is in Australia.

Swingers Heaven

The site claims to have more than 280,000 members all over Australia, and hundreds of them are only at one time every day so the only problem you really have is having too many choices. You can also view amateur videos or join forums for a private video chat. You need to register for the site but your private information won’t be viewed by the other members so the share of info is entirely up to you.

The Couples Club

This one hosts swingers parties and events in Sydney. If you are new to the scene, the website also has promotions like Free Fridays where you get in and survey the crowd, mingle and probably get out with another couple in tow. All these parties are conducted in a safe and private environment.

Swingers Melbourne

This being the swingers capital of Australia, it makes sense to have a website dedicated to the scene.  The best thing about this website is that there’s a hyperlocal community forum. For instance, you can find partners in Richmond, Brunswick, Geelong, St. Kilda, and so on.

The thing about these swingers parties, however, is that not everybody there is looking to partner with another couple and have sex right away. Think of it as a group of people who share the same interests like sports clubs or fantasy rugby. In fact, a lot of the members have developed long-term friendships through these social events.

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