Can Escorts and Sugar Babies be the Same? March 20, 2017 – Posted in: Escorts

According to some people in society, Sugar Babies (SBs), are just the same as a prostitute. While some prostitutes may play the role of a sugar baby to their clients because that’s the fantasy that the client may want played out, the two are completely different.

Being a SB is not a profession, it is a lifestyle-where being a prostitute or escort is a profession/job/career, if you must. In other words, prostitutes and escorts are hired, or called on. A customer pays you for a service, you supply that service to your client for said payment, then you say goodbye and leave, nothing else is expected.

Being a SB, you are also paid yes, but not as a job, you are paid for support, companionship, friendship, whatever your sugar daddy or sugar mummy wants. Just to clear the air, escorts and prostitutes are normally hired to perform some sort of sexual favour, where SB’s are not. Of course, this isn’t always the case, it all depends on the person doing the paying. If they just want some companionship for a night on the town and nothing more they would most likely hire a prostitute or escort and not look for a sugar baby. But if they were looking for something more long-term, not always including sex, they will most likely search for a SB.

The Sugar Baby lifestyle happens when an older man or older woman chooses a younger male or female for various reasons. They may crave companionship, friendship, a cure to their loneliness, or a few other things, but they are often monogamous relationships. For instance, a SB will provide those desired needs of many different aspects of their lives, and by providing what the daddy or mummy needs they get paid and it’s a win win situation. A SB is usually around longer than a prostitute or escort would be. SB’s and their daddies or mummies actually have relationships and possible futures together, not just one night stands. I guess that’s the easiest way to explain things, it’s not about the sex or sexual favours as it would be with escorts and prostitutes.

Another difference between being an escort and a SB is that there is most likely no chance that a prostitute or escort will feel an emotional bond or romantic bond with their client. But as for a SB, there is always the possibility of a romantic or emotional bond. Though there have been certain circumstances that have arisen causing an escort or prostitute to fall in love and marry a client, it’s not usually the norm in the profession. There is more of a chance that a SB can actually fall in love with their companion and maybe end up marrying them as well thus building a future together.

I know it’s a fine line between the two, and it is confusing for some people, but to think that an escort and sugar baby are the exact same thing is completely wrong. There are many differences between them even if you can’t see it.

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