Why Are Dudes Obsessed With Nutscaping? March 13, 2017 – Posted in: Adult Industry News

First, let me start off by telling you what I thought Nutscaping was, then we’ll get to the real meaning. So Nutscaping, in my 46 year old mind of a married woman, thought that it was a word for men that like to shave their cocks and balls. Yes indeed, that was my first impression, and my husband’s too when I asked him what it was. Boy were we WRONG! I’ve been wrong before, but damn, this one really threw a monkey wrench into my way of seeing things.

The Art of Nutscaping

The true meaning, much to my embarrassment I might add, is that Nutscaping is a photo trend where men take pics of beautiful landscapes while letting a single testicle (usually their own) hang above the landscape in the photo. How do they do this you ask? Simply put, they find a place they want to take a picture of, turn around with their back facing said landscape, pull their pants down, then bend over and take said picture with teste hanging there like a hairy sun or moon. Why they are obsessed with this, I couldn’t say, because I honestly do not know.

I can see by the look on your face you don’t believe me. Trust me I could not make this up, but if you must check it out for yourself, there is a whole website dedicated to Nutscaping. Go ahead and search for “nutscape” in a separate window I’ll wait……fingernails tap, tap, tapping…………SEE told you I wasn’t lying! Is there anything more stunning than the Grand Canyon in the United States or a picturesque view of untamed forests in Australia, or Ireland, or an ocean view with a man’s teste hovering at the top? Ahhh so stunning.  I’m going to stop while I’m ahead.

If you are curious whether or not Nutscaping is a new trend, it isn’t. The artistic ball in the landscape photo began in 2007 by somebody in New Zealand according to different sources. Other sources have called it ‘Art’, ‘selfies for real men’, even ‘great artistic depth…’  I, on the other hand, have called my psychiatrist for an appointment to rid myself of this traumatisation, then watch grumpy cat videos, and I suggest all of you do the same. As for the artists that take these nutscaping photos, they’re already beyond any help. Enjoy that newly purchased landscape painting you just bought, because it could have a ball hanging over it, just saying.

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