Do Women Go to Escorts? December 4, 2017 – Posted in: Escorts, LGBTQ

Prostitution, they say, is one of history’s oldest professions. While it may not necessarily be one of the absolute oldest, it is very old and instances of it can be seen all throughout history. In fact, the Bible itself is full of different examples of prostitution selling their wares. Literature and film have also got plenty of depictions of prostitution. However, in a lot of cases, the escorts themselves tend to be women. Their customers tend to be men. This causes some people to raise the question: “Do women go to escorts?”.

It would be ridiculous to say that women don’t go to escorts. Obviously, some do, however, in general, the numbers tend to be a lot smaller. This is for one obvious reason: it is a lot more difficult for men to get sex than it is for women. Most women just need to put on some makeup and walk into a bar and flirt their way into bed with the man of their choosing. A quick and thrilling one-night stand, however, is often not what a lot of women are looking for.

Male Escorts: The Differences

Male escorts are sometimes referred to as “gigolos”. In many ways, they will perform the same functions as a high-class escort. Some of them will prefer to refer to themselves as male escorts or professional companions. Since many women are not just looking for quick sex, there is a lot more “work” that a male escort has to do in order to earn their keep. In fact, you could say that their role falls somewhere between that of a therapist and an entertainer.

The male escort will do his best to make the woman feel like she is being treated well. He will take her out to a nice dinner, entertainment and of course take her back home for sex. The exact nature of these services can vary from person to person, but in general, this tends to be the case. Women who are looking for something in particular will often detail it when they are hiring an escort. Unlike men, they are not so willing to be brazen about it. There is a certain level of mystique and finesse surrounding the whole affair, so many male escorts will keep this in mind when they are organizing things will their clients.

Women and Female Escorts

For the most part, even lesbian women tend to steer clear of female escorts. In fact, some brothels won’t even allow women anywhere near them! So, this is a market that is normally taken advantage of by men. Of course, you may still find the odd woman joining in for a threesome or looking up a female escort online.

Men and women have different expectations when it comes to sex. At least, those expectations are what society has set on them. As a result, you will find different behaviors prevailing with each gender.

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