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Escorts are usually just seen as carrying out a specific function. That function is sex. Some people enjoy spending an hour or two with an escort in order to explore sexual fetishes and fantasies that they may otherwise not want to share with their own partner, or indeed anyone that they could pick up in a bar. Others are simply looking for a quick way to get sex and this is often seen as one of the best ways of getting it conveniently.

In reality many escorts tend to carry out a whole range of functions. There are those who will simply offer sexual services to their clients and will often not stick around for more than an hour or so. Then there are the so-called “high class” ones which will do it in hotel rooms and will charge rather high prices for their services.

The Different Functions of Escorts

Another function that a escorts may carry out is companionship, although this does tend to fall into the area of the escort. Escorts tend to provide a little more to their clients as well as offering sex. In many cases, they will be seen as “arm candy” but can also be great conversational partners. This is usually if the escort and the client end up having some kind of chemistry, to begin with, so this is usually sorted out during the “interview” stage.

Escorts and the service providers in between will often be there to provide their clients with comfort and advice. Sometimes, men are just looking for someone to talk to. This often means that escorts end up performing the role of a therapist. While they may not necessarily give them specifically useful advice (although this, of course, depends on the person), having someone who can sit there and listen will often be of great help.

Often, specific relationships do build up between escorts and their clients. In many ways, you can see these as being “business” relationships. The client will pay money for the services of a sex worker and they will receive services in return. However, it is also good for a sex worker to have clients who return again and again. A steady stream of income is coming in and both parties will then be able to benefit hugely from it.

Understanding Needs

At the end of the day, sex work is a form of customer service and sex is a very unusual and complicated commodity to sell. Sometimes, both sex, affection, and companionship are being packaged and sold to clients. Since they are willing to purchase it, it can be sold freely and for a good price. A lot of escorts also tend to enjoy their jobs very much and have genuine friendships with their clients. Although there are specific limits and boundaries in these relationships, it is still something that provides a useful function to both parties and can be beneficial to society.

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