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The act of whipping was originally associated with torture and punishment. Even today, there are countries where criminals are punished with lashes. Whips are also used in certain religious practices, often seen as a type of prayer or meditation and a way of getting closer to God. But the BDSM scene has also very much been associated with whips for a very long time. There are those who enjoy actually delivering the lashes themselves and those who enjoy receiving them. And this can be done certain extents: some people only like light lashes with a whip, whilst others like to experience more severe pain and then even enjoy seeing the marks that have been made on their skin.

Whipping in a Non-Sexual Context

Within BDSM there can also be non-sexual contexts. The idea of lashing and being lashed may also simply have the thrill element to it, and this may or may not have a sexual thrill. When two people decide to engage in this activity, it may be clear that both of them purely enjoy the idea of being whipped and that there are probably no sexual undertones to it.

It can be part of a whole act, or it can be a single practice that several people enjoy. There are also the voyeuristic types who just like seeing other people get tortured in this manner, but won’t participate in it themselves. And naturally, there are those who enjoy it when others watch them suffering under such pain.

Sexual Whipping

For the most part, sexual whipping tends to be quite light. This is usually because it is a side-action to the much large event, which is sex. Whips don’t have to be massive, either. You can even get smaller hand-whips that people can hit each other with while they’re in the middle of lovemaking. And sometimes other items are used too – softer ones, such as tassels, tend to be very popular for those who have a particular desire for a certain kind of sensation.

With so much variation to the idea of whipping and sex (as well as non-sexual contexts), it can be an interesting subject to bring up with a partner. Due to the potential amount of physical damage that can be involved, you will want to ensure what the best whipping speed might be and talk about other kinds of safety techniques. Above all, make sure that you and your partner actually discuss what either of you are comfortable with.

Online Forums and Meet Ups

In order to get the best of personal experience, online forums are the best place to go. You can also go to various meet ups, where people will discuss their techniques and experiences. Due to the pain that this can cause, it is important to be well-informed before you and your partner decide to experiment with one another. After all, safety is one of the key elements to ensure that you both have a thrilling and exciting time under the whip!

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