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Prostitution is legal in many parts of Australia, and in many other countries all across the world, particularly in Europe. In general, escorts generally work as “freelancers” and therefore are free to charge their own rates. Brothels will usually take the commission since the sex workers themselves will have a place to carry out their trade and will, of course, be brought business by the brothel itself.

For those who are interested in the experience of visiting and brothel, it’s probably going to be pertinent to know just how much a visit will cost. The short answer is that it can be expensive, the longer answer being: it depends.

The Full Act

If you want to go for the full experience in most places, you can expect upwards of $100 dollars per hour with a escort. This often includes having drinks in the parlor before heading upstairs. For those who just want a quick in-and-out experience, this usually ends up being very cheap simply because it’s quick a-la-a-rub-n-tug. However, you can also experience a whole range of carnal delights if you decide to spend a little more time and money. Escorts can be hired for the night and you don’t necessarily have to go to a brothel: depending on how the arrangement is set up, they will gladly come to your home or your hotel (out-call). Often, this has to be arranged beforehand. Normally, you can expect this to cost at least a couple hundred dollars.

A Lustful Price List

You don’t have to go for the Full Monty if you don’t want to, of course. If you’re just looking to get off, there are plenty of escorts who are happy to carry out certain sexual favors and leave it at that. In cases like this, example prices you could expect to pay $75 for a blow job, or $100 for anal sex. It will all depend on the escort and the brothel you are visiting. In a lot of places, there is usually a price list of services.

If you’re something of a regular at a brothel, it may be possible to get a discount especially if there are one or two girls that you like to visit regularly. Prices can end up going down simply because you end up bringing more business, although these are individual arrangements and there are no promises in that regard. If you are going to go out and pay for sex, make sure that you’ve got the cash to make it happen!

Going Cheaper

Beyond brothels and the more organized type of prostitution that can be found in Australia, there are also many independent escorts that you can find advertised all over the internet at places like, an independent escort directory. These individuals can charge whatever they like, so if you don’t know what you want, then it is probably a good idea to “shop around”, so to speak. Of course, when it comes to quality and finding a professional, you may want to consider spending top dollar. After all, you might as well get good sex if you’re going to pay for it!

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