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Unique brothels, much like escorts, come in many shapes and sizes. They’re not always just houses of ill repute. The world’s oldest profession has been practised anywhere from tents
and caravans to houses and office-style buildings with unusual themes. Here’s a list of some of the unique and special brothels around the globe.

The Most Unique Brothels in the World

Big Sister

Brothels giving away sex for free sounds like it would be a bad business plan in the adult services world, but of course, there’s a catch to this unique brothel. This establishment, located in the Czech Republic, has ladies that will service clients free of charge in exchange for patrons being streamed live over the internet. Taking its name from Big Brother the television show, it’s essentially sex reality TV, and clients’ sex videos are broadcast online and via satellite and cable channels in Europe. Visiting Big Sister means your best sex moves will likely be seen by anonymous viewers across the world. It’s the brothel for the voyeur porn fan in everyone.


Undisputably the best Brisbane brothel, Montecito brings five star service to its visitors and rewards them for their patronage. That’s right, this establishment has a membership program, but you have to be rather loyal to join their exclusive club. Montecito also has a live roster of escorts on their website, making them an innovator among Brisbane brothels.

Alien Cathouse

This Area 51 themed bordello is owned by the one and only Dennis Hof, owner of the world-famous Bunny Ranch. Also located in Nevada, the Alien Cathouse describes itself as the “IT” place for the “aficionado of extraterrestrial fantasies.” The brothel has several rooms named after different science fiction plot or phenomena like “Atlantis” and “alien abduction,” perfect for the most avid and horny sci-fi fan. The Alien Cathouse is also furnished with various extraterrestrial objects like spaceships and other embellishments. From what we can tell, the escorts aren’t painted green, and reports of a girl fluent in Klingon are yet to be confirmed.

Mobile Sex in France

Some time ago, there was a big uproar throughout France in response to sex solicitation being illegal. Back in 2003, working ladies in Lyon found a way to circumvent the law. Because prostitution itself is legal, the women have taken to working out of white vans. They line the city streets; an open door means the escort is free for a new client, while a closed-door implies there’s someone already inside. This way, the sex workers aren’t technically soliciting.

Stiletto Sydney

Not too many brothels can boast a two-storey waterfall, can they? Sydney brothel Stiletto not only has a lavish waterfall but luxuriously themed rooms such as James Bond, Betty Boop, Kama Sutra and Voyeur. Their Roman Orgy themed room contains a large freshwater plunge pool. Stiletto describes their signature concept as a mixture of theatre and sex, and it definitely works for them.

Maison d’envie

More of a unique operating style than location, Maison d’envie in Berlin offered clients a discount if they could prove they had travelled via public transport or bicycle. This was the brothel’s way of doing their bit for the environment, as well as continuing to profit during the economic downturn.

From lavish and opulent bordellos, to high-rise brothels and ones on wheels, there truly is something for everyone in the world of sex. If you’ve seen, heard or better yet – visited an interesting brothel, let us know on twitter @BrothelsAU

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