Beautiful Breasts – Are they real? October 21, 2015 – Posted in: Adult Industry News

Summer’s just around the corner and we’re already flocking to the beach. To feel the sand under our feet, to swim in the oceans and surf the waves, to trade our big coats with shorts and tank tops; we all look forward to the summer. And of course, since it will be beach season soon, we’re all (including women) looking forward to all the beautiful women in their tiny bikinis, showing off their amazing bodies and those beautiful breasts (oh yes!).

As men, we’re naturally and biologically magnetised by breasts. From the time we’re born, having breast milk from mum to the time we turn into teens and can’t stop looking at all the girls and their perky young breasts, til the time we can no longer breathe. We’re surrounded by breasts of many different shapes and sizes, all the time, every day. But with cosmetic surgery so easily accessible, there are so many women with fake boobs around that you can’t really tell them apart anymore.

There was a study in 2013 by the American Society of Plastic Surgeons where they found out there were more than 290,000 breast augmentations and (ahem) growing. So since there are so many fake twins out there, how can we men determine what’s real and what isn’t? Here are a few tips on how to differentiate between natural breasts and augmented breasts.

Natural Vs Fake Breasts – How to tell them apart

If they’re too perky or high up on her chest, they’re a dead giveaway. They’re supposed to be positioned around where the armpits are. It’s easier to tell them apart if they’re wearing a bikini top since a lot of women nowadays wear push up bras and they all look too perky than you’d expect.

If they’re too close to each other, warning bells should go off in your head that those beautiful pair of titties are deceiving you. Naturally, women’s breasts are supposed to have 5 or 7 cm of space between them but when implants are inserted, that space is decreased and it makes the breasts come closer to each other.

If you can see some scars around her chest, belly button and armpits. Plastic surgeons use different access points for different boob jobs depending on sizes. And yes, there will always be scars after the procedures, either really really visible or only slightly visible, some areas you may have to have X-ray vision to see the scar.

If the twins look like big round melons, they’re most likely fake. Real boobs look more like pears or teardrops whereas fake ones are evenly distributed to create a perfect round shape. So if some hot girl’s boobs look way too perfect, you’d better think twice.

One of the other ways to tell is to listen real close. If there are implants inside those beautiful breasts, sometimes they give off a “sloshing” sound from inside when they move about. This could happen when after the implants are put in place and they don’t fill all the way up, sometimes the surgeon might fill up the implant while inside the breasts. You may have a hard time actually hearing it but if you do notice some slish-slosh, then they’re definitely implants!

These above tips are one of the ways to tell apart natural breasts from fake boobs. Of course the best and most sure-fire way to tell them is by actually feeling them with your hands but if those boobs are attached to a complete stranger, you’ll probably get arrested and sued. So better not actually touch them. But anyway, those mentioned above are one of the best ways to tell without having to touch them.

In the end, whether they’re real or fake, some men don’t really care. We just love boobs; small, medium or large; real or not real. Whichever size you prefer, if you see that shape and size you like, you don’t really care anymore. You just want to bury your face in them and go motor-boating (the bigger, the better for this activity).

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