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Top Rules of Breaking up With a Girl

Breaking up with a girl? So, you’ve realized that she is not the one and decided to end this relationship. How to do it right so that she won’t get a psychological trauma? All women are different and they react to critical situations in different ways.

The range of reactions varies from “okay, buy then” to a Shakespearian drama. If your girlfriend belongs to the latter category, you should know how to prepare her for this and make the breakup as harmless for her as possible.

One of the most important break up rules is to act like a gentleman. Any breakup is a huge stress for a girl, especially if she is not the one who initiates it. Her self-appraisal is undermined; she starts doubting her attractiveness. You should remember that women are less prepared for rejections than men. Your male ancestors had been rejected so many times that they developed a good level of resistance to rejection. That’s why you should build a whole strategy of breaking up with your girlfriend. Instead of cowardly ghosting, learn the rules of a break up and end your relationship gracefully. You may also need this advice when dating a Ukrainian girl as they are at most very fragile and vulnerable.

  • Reduce the effect of suddenness.
    In order to eliminate the out-of-the-blue effect, begin to prepare your girlfriend for the upcoming announcement in advance, at least a week prior to this. Avoid having sex, become reserved, don’t explain your strange behavior, answer her question “What’s happened?” with “Nothing”. Acting this way, you’ll make her think that your relationship is not going properly. It will be easier for her to accept the fact of your breakup with that in mind.
  • Find the right moment.
    Don’t make your announcement the moment she is leaving the house for work. The day will be ruined. Also, her birthday and Valentine’s Day are not the right dates for a breakup. Although, many men believe that being around her friends on the day of a breakup will help her deal with it. They simply don’t know the break up rules for guys. In fact, she’ll want to be alone, and seeing her happy friends will only make her feel abandoned.
  • Choose the right place.
    One of the break up etiquette rules says that you should do it in her territory. However, it’s not always good. When you leave, she’ll stay alone and may feel very stressed in solitude. So, it’s better to split up in some public place. If you’re in a café, she will not want to show her vulnerability to others, so she’ll try to keep a stiff upper lip. However, everything depends on your girlfriend’s temperament – she may lose control and throw a scene worth a movie.
  • Pick the right words.
    Start with enumerating her merits. After that, say that despite her great personality, you are not ready for a serious relationship. She should get the impression that if you were ready, she’d definitely become your wife. When praising her, belittle your own virtues and focus on your shortcomings. Make her believe that you’re not the man who’ll make her really happy.
  • Forget about eloquence.
    It’s recommended to come up with one excuse and use it throughout your conversation. For example, say “We are too different” in response to her every argument. By doing so, you won’t let her drag you into a heated discussion.
  • Don’t compromise.
    If your girlfriend goes into hysterics right after your words, show rigidity. Say that you understand what she feels inside, pat her on the shoulder and leave. Don’t try to comfort her making her tea, hugging and kissing. Draw a clear line.
  • Be ready for an accidental encounter.
    If you bump into her somewhere, exchange several phrases and find an excuse to go. Don’t be too nice – she might think you have feelings for her. Pretending you don’t notice her is not a good decision. It’s quite insulting, so be polite but make your dialog short.
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