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How to Date a Single Mom

Do you like children? This is what she asked you before she told you that she was a single mother. You don’t think it’s a problem because you really love her and are ready to accept her kid(s). Today, when the divorce rates across the world are high as never before, chances are your next girlfriend will turn out to be a single parent. If you are okay with that, great. If not – there are lots and lots of hot girls dating out there. Dating a single mom, you should be ready that one day, if things get serious between you, you’ll have to meet her child. If you don’t have your children, dealing with kids can be a challenge.

However, with the following tips for dating a single mom, you’ll be able to establish the connection and be on the same wave with her daughter or son.

If she hasn’t introduced you to her child yet, don’t initiate the meeting. She is the parent and it’s she who decides when and whether at all to introduce you to her kids. She needs time to make sure that your relationship is getting serious and you’re going to become a couple. Just think about her kid’s psychics: if they met all her dates, how would they feel like? So, it’s clear why she separates her role of a woman and that of a mother.

You need to understand that some of your dates can be canceled because being a parent, her kid will always be her priority. What you can do is to show understanding and offer help. For example, find a babysitter so that she can spend the evening with you. This is only a small but pleasant thing you can do dating a young single mom.

When she expresses her wish to introduce you to her kid, don’t freak out. It shouldn’t come as a surprise dating a single mom. Relationship advice here will help you get on with her children well.

Gather information

It’s important to ask her about her kids on your dates. It signals that you are interested in her life. When the meeting is looming on a horizon, try to elicit more details about her children.

Find out about their interests, likes and dislikes, character, temperament. You need to understand how attached they are to the other parent and what role their father plays in their upbringing.

Maybe there are some topics you’d better avoid when talking with them. Also, learn more about your girlfriend’s relationship with her kid(s). Decide how she will introduce you: perhaps, as a good friend. Discuss what you’re going to tell them about yourself.

Meet on the right territory

The location for your meeting should be chosen based on the age of her kids. Some neutral territory, such as a café or park, will do if she has teenage or adult children. If she has small kids, then it’s necessary to meet on their territory where they feel safe and confident. Be ready that they may not be in the right mood because of being tired or hungry. Bring an interesting but inexpensive toy to surprise them and have a snack at the beginning of your meeting.

No other people should be present

If you’re a single father involved in single mom dating, don’t bring your children to the first meeting. Although you may think it’s a good idea to bring two families together, in fact, you’ll only get distracted by your kids when her children need your whole attention.

Keep it short and light

Your first get-together shouldn’t last long. Have fun and then say goodbye. Don’t stay overnight because it can get a kid suspicious. Also, avoid showing affection for their mother overtly. Be patient and childish a bit. Hide your nervousness and radiate positive vibes. Meet next time in a week, then gradually increase the frequency of encounters.

Be realistic

If your first meeting went well, don’t expect that everything will be as cloudless as this time. If you didn’t click, don’t be frustrated, you will establish a bond later. Your relationship with her kids should develop at its own pace.

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