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The Fitness Model. The New Queen of the Runway. Does a bikini proud and 100 metres in under 11 seconds. In the wake of Rio Olympic fever the fitness modelling craze is taking the world by storm while gaining many worldwide fans along the way. A real fusion of Fitness Lifestyle and Fashion Modelling, Fitness Modelling is a showcase of top talent backed up by the results of hard work not unlike getting a place on the Olympic team. It has taken off all around the globe from Sydney to L.A, from Rome to Reykjavik. Within Women’s Fitness Modelling, the Fitness Model can train purely for the sake of doing exercise, to get healthy and stay healthy, to build a certain type of physique or simply to look out for one’s appearance in general.

There are also Fitness Model competitions available for those who wish to push themselves to reach goals and meet aspirations. Fitness and Figure competition has many divisions of physical exhibition events, the competitors posing for judges to display and demonstrate superior muscle tone, shape and definition. Unlike body-building it is primarily athleticism and fitness that scores high not just sheer bulk or size. The emergence of a new sport that recognizes and promotes good health and active lifestyle injecting a breath of fresh air into an industry previously marginalized by illegal use of steroids/drugs and an unnatural and in many’s opinion a rather gross depiction of the human body.

One of the very first Fitness Model competitions for Women took place in 1985 in Las Vegas Nevada. Marks scored for a swimsuit routine, an athletic pose and an evening gown section. Competitors are encouraged to incorporate movements inspired by aerobics, dance and or gymnastic routines within their performance. Competitors also give special attention to face, skin care, hair and make-up etc and where relevant an elegant and fashionable portrayal of sports clothing, sports footwear and in some cases of stylish evening wear paraded with high heels. The judges are also paying attention to such areas as natural confidence, gracefulness, poise, professionalism and overall presentation etc.

ANB, The Australasian Natural Bodybuilding Federation (ANB) have dedicated an annual event “to give athletes a venue in which they can compete and be treated with the utmost professionalism” in addition to linking highly performing competitors with potential local or national sponsors and relevant media exposure. Originally formed in 1983 ANB is now a thriving sports focused organization regularly scheduling sold out shows across the country at a time when awareness toward the benefits of physical activity and healthy eating is growing constantly.

ANB possess a clear anti-drug policy with regard to their Fitness Model events calendar and support natural athletes and equal opportunity athletic performance. Within the Female Fitness Model event program there are 3 x age categories, Juniors under-16’s, Intermediate under-30’s and Seniors over-30’s. The ANB judging panel traditionally consists of top Fashion photographers, Modelling agents and Nutrition industry experts etc, likewise ANB is committed to promoting healthier living and the merits of intelligent diet choices that lead to abundant energy, regulated appetite & healthy weight loss. A no-nonsense mission statement geared towards creating and maintaining increased vitality and positive outlook while at the same time leaving sufficient time to explore and enjoy all the important facets of modern day life.


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