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The idea of a “sex date” isn’t a new one, however, the term tends to be these days. For the most part, it simply refers to a date that two (or maybe more) people set in order to meet up and have sex. These people may or may not know each other very well. They may have a “fuck buddy” relationship, or it could be the first meeting for both of them. These types of “adult date” can be planned as well, or they could be simply something that both people decide on the spur of the moment.

And of course, these sex dates can happen anywhere. Those who enjoy them regularly will usually have them where they live (i.e., in their own town/city). But what if you want casual sex in a different environment? What if you’re looking for a bit of fun with a very different type of person? This is where the idea of a holiday sex date can come in handy!

Finding a Fling Abroad

This is probably the most common type of “holiday sex date” and it usually involves some romantic aspect. Everyone has had some kind of holiday romance and for a few, they tend to be a lot raunchier than others! “Flings abroad” usually occur when you’re already in holiday mode when you’re out and about in the new place and meeting all kinds of people. Those who go on holiday by themselves also tend to be a lot more open simply because they don’t have anyone else to talk to, and this is where it can develop.

Of course, dating sites nowadays have made the process a whole lot easier. If you decide to go away to a different city or town for a bit, it’s quite easy to meet up with a new person and date them for a while. Often with the purpose of simply getting sex! However, you may prefer to also have a romantic aspect to it, to deliver the whole package so to speak.

Quick And Easy Casual Sex

This is something that is maybe for the more “advanced” casual dater. In these cases, it could work very much in the same way it does everywhere: simply meeting someone in a club or bar and taking them back to your hotel room. Thanks to the likes of dating apps, however, you’re able to mix things up a bit and get straight to the point. And that simply means messaging someone and asking if they’re down for some dirty fun. For sites and apps that are geared towards sex dating, in particular, this shouldn’t be too difficult!

Overall, it is quite easy to find sex when on holiday. What you need to know is where to look and how to ask! It’s a wonderful way of getting to know different types of moves as well, since due to the diversity you may be able to pick up a few things that you would be happy to take home!

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