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Fetish Wrestling

It’s not clear when fetish wrestling started although its origins can be accidental in nature. For the older blokes, they might remember the defunct Gorgeous Ladies of Wrestling during the mid-80s where girls push the boundaries of good taste and society’s expectations of them. After the league folded in 1990, the girls had to make a living and so they held private bookings where fans, mostly men, could wrestle with their favorite stars for a fee.

It was then that fetish wrestling was born.

Fetish Wrestling and BDSM

Fetish wrestling is another dynamic of the dominatrix/slave subset of BDSM. You have the female wrestler dressed in provocative clothing who tries to dominate the client.  Make no mistake; however, the skills exhibited by these females are real. They are trained in doing the same moves that professional wrestlers make. You may be shamed, trash-talked into questioning your manhood but there’s no sex involved.

Unlike dominatrix role play, there’s no safe word. Instead, just like wrestling, you tap out if you could no longer tolerate the pain.

There are major themes in fetish wrestling.

  • Dominatrix/Submissive – This is where the man wants to be pinned down or, if possible, choked into unconsciousness. The latter being a special request.
  • Wrestling – The man really wants to engage the wrestler into a match, and even tries to win. These sessions can get quite competitive because while the wrestler may have the training, some of the men naturally have superior strength.
  • Sure Thing – The wrestler may fool around as long as the client wins in the end.
  • Body Worship – There may be wrestling involved but mostly the client just wants to rub oil all over the body of the female wrestler.
  • Foot Fetish – If the client has a particular foot fetish, the wrestler can get creative by making sure her feet are near the man’s face during ground moves. The finishing submission can also be done by the foot.

Squeeze Play and the UK Scene

Fetish wrestling is very big in the UK, with multiple ordinary flats being soundproofed and converted into an arena. They pay about $200 for the chance to be pinned down and even knocked unconscious by one of the girls.

One of the more popular entrepreneurs who took advantage of the opportunity was Pippa the Ripper, who runs a stable of more than 20 girls. This is a client’s market so they inform the wrestler beforehand their fantasy scenario. They will also request the uniform to be worn by the wrestler—from leotard, string bikini, leather suit or superhero costumes.

In the US, female bodybuilders are also moonlighting as wrestlers and a dedicated website actually holds more than 100 wrestling matches every week.

Not Limited to Women

The fetish wrestling is a kink that is the exclusive domain of women. For instance, MeetFighters.com is a website that organizes wrestling matches with male bodybuilders. As you can see, the target demographic for these events is the LGBTI crowd. But there’s a sprinkle of women clients, as well, although it’s a pretty insignificant number.




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