Benefits of Sleeping With an Older Woman February 22, 2018 – Posted in: Adult Industry News, News, Sex Advice

Sleeping With an Older Woman


Sleeping with an older woman? Older women are sometimes known as “cougars”.  Though not all of them like being referred to as such, so be careful- and for many young men, they also tend to be considered a “holy grail” of sorts. This is understandable: older women are confident and have years of experience behind them. Perhaps they’ve already had kids and were married. Many may not be looking for a stable relationship but simply a bit of fun, or a casual and relaxed relationship with no strings attached.

Well, you’ll be glad to know that this appeal is not without its warrants! There is a distinct number of advantages that sleeping with an older woman can bring.

Practice, Practice, Practice!

This should really go without saying, however, we decided to emphasize it! Older women, due to their life experience, have had a lot of experience in the bedroom department. Many of them have had multiple long-term relationships. Many have been married: perhaps even multiple times! And of course, there have been short-terms affairs and flings here and there.

All of that experience is going to count for something and can make for an incredibly thrilling and arousing erotic experience overall! What’s also interesting is that this practice is something a young man (or even woman) can learn from by spending a few passionate nights with a sexy older lady.

Older Women Know What They Want

It may have something to do with the whole “been there, done that” attitude or perspective that many older people, in general, have gotten. The benefit of this is that a lot of older ladies are aware of what they want and what they are looking for at any one time. So, if an older woman hunts you down and offers to take you as her lover, she’s going to be upfront and straight about everything!

This means you can relax. Younger men who may just want a casual affair or a partner for sex or a bit of entertainment will be able to speak their minds and be clear about any emotions or feelings that could possibly get in the way.

Older Women Enjoy Sex Just As Much

The old-fashioned image of an older woman was that she is a wizened-out hag who no longer has a sex drive: this couldn’t be further from the truth! In fact, it has been found that a lot of women tend to have an increased interest in sex the older they get it. This is something that often tends to match the sex drive and enthusiasm that a younger man brings to the table… So in this regard, it is a perfect match!

Of course, there are varying factors as all people are different: however, these factors tend to be quite common and can make the older lady a rather attractive and exciting partner in both romantic and sexual senses. In addition to all of this, you will find that you’ll learn a lot!

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