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Sex and Masturbation

Sex and masturbation are made even better with the use of toys. However, most of them cost a lot, or sometimes, they are just not there when you need them. But that’s not a problem! With a little creativity and resourcefulness, you will be able to find mundane objects that you can use for your sexual pursuits.

Here are some ideas.


You saw this one coming, didn’t you? Of course! Vegetables have always had the reputation of being used as sex toys because some of them very much resemble a penis. If you raid your pantry looking for veggies that you can use a dildo, make sure that you choose one that is hard enough to penetrate you. You wouldn’t want something that will crumble inside your vagina. The best ones that you can use are cucumber, banana, carrot, zucchini, and purple eggplants.

Plastic bottles

The best plastic bottles to use are those that have a skinny end. Remember to use a plastic bottle and not a glass one, unless you want shards of glass piercing your vaginal walls.


There are lots of handyman tools that you can use as a dildo. You can go for a hammer, screwdriver, wrench, rake, shovel, or others. Obviously, insert the handle part and not the other end.

Vibrating stuff

Take advantage of household items that vibrate. It could be your cell phone, back massager, electric toothbrush, hand mixer, etc. You can use these objects in lieu of a regular vibrator.

Long, thin, cylindrical objects

Pretty much anything that is phallic in shape can be used a dildo. Choose from your glue stick, Sharpie marker, broomstick, or even your curling iron – just make sure that it’s not hot when you put it inside you!

Soft edges

If you are interested in penetration and you simply want to have a humping session, you can use the soft edges of your home. It could be upholstered furniture, the corner of your bed, or a pile of folded clothes. You can even hump on a stuffed animal if you don’t mind violating your teddy bear.

Shower-head or bidet

More and more women are discovering that shower-heads and bidets are clever masturbation tools. You can use the water pressure to massage your genitals, which will ultimately help you achieve an orgasm. If you have a shower-head that has adjustable pressure settings, you’re in luck! You will be able to use just the right pressure that will make you climax every time.

You now know which household objects can be used as sex toys. But there are more things that you should keep in mind. For one, remember to clean your chosen item. Disinfect it using soap and hot water; put some rubbing alcohol; and then place a condom on it before you use it on/in your body. Also avoid using items that can disassemble or break inside you, and steer away from those that have any sharp or abrasive parts. Keep these tips in mind, and you’ll never have to buy a legit sex toy ever!

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