Etiquette’s of Camming For Your First Time June 11, 2018 – Posted in: Adult Industry News, News, Sex Advice

Camming is a huge industry as reportedly earns revenues upwards of $1 billion so far. But what makes it popular among a quickly growing clientele? What really differentiates it from watching porn is the interaction between the cam girl and the client. Unlike porn where you are stuck with the story line of the particular category, when you do camming you can actually request a girl to do something as long as it’s reasonable. Here are the etiquette’s of camming to make you the perfect client.

Don’t Ask For Private Information

These girls know this is just a livelihood, and they are very professional about it just like you are with your desk job. You don’t tell any stranger where you live or what your phone number is so don’t expect the girls to open up their private life to you either. You are not entitled to that information just because they shed off their clothes in front of the camera.

Don’t Always Be Freaky

It’s understandable that you are there to get off, and sure you can make requests for the girl to disrobe or play with the toys right away. But the girls would appreciate it if you can also talk about other things other than sex. You can talk about movies, books, and sports.

Don’t Be Angry If You Are Ignored For A Few Minutes

There are going to be a mob of men who will watch the cam girls do their stuff. Each of them will have their own request, and pay for the privilege to make those requests. You are not special, and the cam girl is not your girlfriend even if you feel that you have been there from the start or you are the biggest bank roller. The girl doesn’t owe you anything because you are paying for the service.

You Tip For Good Food, You Tip For Sex

Girls always remember the good tippers. It’s also a good idea for the girls to prioritise your request over the others. Again, you may think that they earn hundreds for a few hours of work and they do. But they deserve a tip nonetheless because there’s a lot that goes into the production. These girls also invest in lingerie, sex toys, makeup, and even lighting in the effort to always give a good show.

You Don’t Have Ownership of the Girls

Again, don’t get the whole thing twisted. You may think that the girl you’ve regularly gone camming with is happy to see you whenever you log on to watch. And maybe she is but not the reason you may think in your head. This is why you have to be professional in this situation. You don’t own the girls so you don’t get to shout, make disgusting requests, and demand that the girl should only focus on you.

There you have it. As long as you understand the ground rules in camming, you will have a healthier experience. The main reason why you need to be polite and professional is that if you are being difficult, you might be ban from the site permanently.


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