Busting the Myths of the Bisexual Male August 23, 2017 – Posted in: Adult Industry News, LGBTQ, News

Female bisexuality is spoken about a lot in the media: and you’ll also see it on television and in various other forms of broadcasting, simply because it is seen as cool or trendy.

In fact, there are many otherwise straight women who might experiment with bisexuality or claim to be bisexual from time to time. The same is not said for men, however.

Male Bisexuality: Gay, Straight or Lying

The biggest myth is that bisexual men are either gay, straight or lying. It is believed that in comparison to women, male sexuality is a lot more set and rigid. This couldn’t be further from the truth, however: there is a huge pressure on men in society to appear masculine, and current societal views don’t see sleeping and/or having relationships with other men as a masculine activity.

This can be pretty damaging for men who may harbor primarily heterosexual tendencies but have had the occasional gay fling with another man. They may fear telling their spouses about it and want to keep it a secret when, in reality, this is nothing to be ashamed of.

A More Flexible Way of Looking at Sexuality

It is important, for a moment, to take a step back from gender and realize that everyone has different needs and tendencies. There are of course bisexual people out there who may primarily have relationships with one gender, whilst others may be more “equal” in their attractions. When it does come to bisexuality in general, however, it is important to realize that most are not equally attracted to both genders all the time. It depends on a lot of factors, so this is something to consider if you think male bisexuality is a myth. There are quite a lot of other options out them!

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