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We all have sexual fantasies, no matter our age or gender. Because we are sexual beings, these fantasies tend to wander through our subconscious at different times in our lives. They are withouta doubt a natural part of our human lives. In my humble opinion, because of my generation, I think a lot of our fantasies stem from being told that masturbation when we were young was the Devil’s work, and in God’s eyes, we would be sinners. That touching our sex organs was bad; therefore, we had no choice but to fantasise about things.  Not always true nowadays, but you get my point.

Men have as many fantasies as women, they just don’t hide their desires as well as women do. *snicker* I have compiled the top seven sexual fantasies that I wandered around online looking for, and I bet you can guess most of them. The numbers vary, so these aren’t in any particular order. Be sure when you’re done, check with your man, see how many he has!

  • Domination–the pleasure of subduing your partner is as much visual as it is emotional, and men love, love, love the visual aspect since they are now in control of any and everything that happens.
  • Submission–the exact opposite of subduing, now the man is being subdued, and probably with a hard on! All of the men I know like when the woman is in control, it’s a huge turn on to be dominated by your lady.
  • Threesomes/Orgies–men fantasize about having two or more women all of the time, and if you guys are shaking your heads right now, no worries, WE know the truth! I’ll bet you could go out and ask 100 men if a threesome/orgy would be on their list of fantasies, and you’d end up with an overwhelming response pretty close to 100%.
  • Experienced Women–not surprised really by this one either, younger men tend to have a fantasy of an older woman aka cougar, having sex with them, just like women fantasize about younger men.
  • Sex with a Virgin–this one falls into the category of a man wanting to be with a younger woman. Let’s face it, this day and age, you’d be hard pressed to find a virgin in her 20’s. I’m not saying it doesn’t happen, because I know a few that are, but you would seriously be hard pressed to find one; those few that are still virgins, I give some major kudos to! Many a man has wondered what it was like to be with a virgin, and some of the lucky ones actually find out.
  • Voyeurism–easy to explain, it’s like when you hear that the majority of porn watchers in the world are men. I’ve said it before, men are more visual than women, but we have our secrets too.
  • Sex in Public, Sex Out In Nature–sex in a location where the possibility of being seen is a popular one with men, whether in a public bathroom, or on state forest land, or somewhere down a two-track–for those that are unfamiliar, a two-track is simply a dirt road that may or may not have houses on it. The risk is what makes it so appealing to some.

Were there more outside this list? Yes, but I like my small list of just seven for your reading pleasure. Remember, the next time you fantasise about someone or something sexy, you’re not alone! Enjoy!

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