The Cons of Common Sex Positions February 17, 2016 – Posted in: Adult Industry News

That’s right – some of the staple sex positions can be anticlimactic. It’s nothing that you’re doing wrong, so to speak. Certain angles can be uncomfortable for female partners and rather than fixing the problem, it’s often just easier to avoid that position. If that’s the case, there are solutions to the common problems people have with doggy-style and even missionary sex. Show your partner that it doesn’t have to hurt or be boring, and reignite their desire. Don’t be fooled into thinking these are somehow the ‘worst’ positions around, because if that were the case you’d be left with few other options. Short of dusting off the old Kama Sutra and bending yourselves into pretzels (because as if that would be more pleasurable) try amending your lovemaking techniques instead.

Sex Positions: Common Problems and How to Fix Them



The problem with missionary is all in the angle. It could be the size of your prize, or it may be your technique. Poorly performed missionary sex will miss all of the orgasmic ‘spots’ and be pretty boring for her. The solution: One of you has to move; shift your body up a little, perhaps into something more resembling the Coital Alignment Technique (CAT). The CAT position sees the man bring his chest to her shoulder. The difference, as opposed to being shoulder to shoulder, means the shaft of the penis rubs against the clit and can bring on an orgasm. Placing a pillow under your partner’s bum, or lifting their legs up higher can also allow for deeper penetration if you’re concerned about your size.



From behind, a man’s penis can be going way too deep with very little effort. In case you weren’t aware, there is such a thing as too deep. Even if a dick is average or on the smaller side, it’s possible for it to hit the cervix and cause more pain than pleasure. It’s also been said that women dislike doggy-style due to the lack of eye contact and intimacy. The view of someone getting it from behind is another con, as it’s usually the end of the bed or the wall or the television – which is presumably turned off. Pulling out too far with each thrust can also contribute to the vagina drying out faster and air getting trapped inside. The solution: to avoid pain, dryness and queefing, try short shallow thrusts without going balls-deep. As far as intimacy is concerned, only a very flexible human can maintain eye contact in this position. Try using your hands to touch over their body, stroke their hair and talk to them while you’re at it. If your partner is open to it, play some porn and give them something to watch.


Girl on top and reverse cowgirl

Being on top can be a one-way ticket to insecurity town. Sitting on your partner, exposed and feeling like there’s no way you can cover up is a big turn-off for many women. The solution: Simply put, don’t just lie there and take it. Sure it’s great to have an attractive partner ride you until her heart’s content, but if she feels uncomfortable that’ll never happen. Make her feel sexy with your hands, mouth and words. Don’t make a point of touching her self-conscious areas, but reach up to her breasts and neck, and bring her down for some making out. Tell her how sexy she looks.



69ing sounds like the best of both worlds for people who love to give and receive oral sex. What it really is, for a lot of people, is a half-arsed version of two worlds that deserve your full attention. The problem with the 69 position is that you’re either too distracted by giving head to enjoy what you’re getting, or you’re too concerned with receiving and you’re not giving much back. The solution: the only way around these issues is to scrap the position altogether. Unless you’re committed and want to practice it until it’s perfected, you’re both better off taking turns. This way you can lie back, relax and experience the very best of your lover’s oral techniques.


If there is ever an issue with your positioning during sex, hopefully your partner will feel comfortable enough to tell you. Otherwise, you won’t know where you’re going wrong. Stay alert to the sounds and movements of your partner in case anything changes. Being a considerate partner earns you major brownie points. Pulling off the most basic sex positions is something everyone should be able to do.

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