Stealthing June 2, 2017 – Posted in: LGBTQ

I’ve said it before and I’m sure I’ll say it again…opinions are like assholes, everyone has one, and I’m about to share my humble opinion with all of you!

What is Stealthing?

Stealthing is when you remove a condom or another item of protection during sexual intercourse, without the other person knowing. The experts say this is not a new practice, and that it has been around in the gay community reportedly since at least 2014.  It isn’t just men that do this either, women that remove their diaphragms or other safe sex implements have been known to do it as well, and their partners are none the wiser. It has also been referred to as birth control sabotage. Currently, there is an actual court case in progress in NSW for this deviant act since it isn’t illegal at the moment.

In the United States, Wisconsin and California have rec’d bills to consider the act of stealthing a sexual assault because once the condom or other device is removed, it’s no longer consensual and should be considered an aspect of rape. The opinions vary depending on the person, some say yes, others say no, yet others are confused and don’t know which way to turn or what to do about it. This is one of the reasons that they are trying to push the bill through so that victims of such an act can seek retribution for the physical and mental damage that it could cause.

Are people overreacting?

Here is my opinion on stealthing:

WTF people? I mean seriously? What the hell is going through your stupid minds? This is directed to the guys: you guys are thinking with your little brains not your big ones, forgive me for forgetting that. Do condoms suck? Sure, but you idiots are taking chances with your lives and the lives of others. You have no business being judge and jury, thinking that you have the right to do that to another person while you beat your chests in masculinity chanting or grunting how you’re the man! Dude get over yourself! If you pull that crap on a woman or another man for that matter, your ass needs to be cuffed and thrown in the slammer at least on sexual assault charges.

Although most of these incidents that are reported or on record are the men removing their condoms, women are not always that innocent. Luring an unsuspected guy into your web of lies and removing your protective device, or conveniently forgetting to take your birth control pill because you want a baby should also be considered an aspect of sexual assault. Even purposefully sabotaging your partner’s condom by poking holes in it, or claiming that you don’t have an STD when you really do should also be grounds for some sort of legal action.

End of opinion.

Safety and trust first, then sex. Enjoy and be careful!


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