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Technology is evolving at a shockingly fast pace. Should it be a surprise that technology extended its tentacles into our biological functions? Probably not. It has been speculated for a long time now that in the not so distant future, people will have more sex with robots.

Whether you believe it or not, that’s not the point. It’s definitely not a myth, that’s for sure. For instance, take the robot Samantha, released this year, was created by a designer called Sergi Santos.

We’re used to sex toys to the extent that they’re not taboo anymore. But what about a sex toy that men fall in love with? It’s the case of Samantha and a(n) (un)fortunate guy who fell in love with (it) her and “incorporated her in the family.”

Is this the sign that sex, as a biological function, is prone to suffering a complete paradigm shift?

The Signs

The signs that we’re headed towards a fully technological type of intercourse are all here. There are plenty of models of sex dolls on the market. Some go for tens of thousands of dollars. Others are a little more affordable. There is even a brothel whose sex workers are all sex dolls.

Samantha is able to orgasm and to answer to special touches in particular areas. Of course, I think men know better than marrying creatures that talk without moving their lips.

With all these, Samantha and other sex dolls more or less similar are a warning sign. We’re not meant to sound apocalyptic here. It’s just the reality unfolding in front of us.

Who Would Want to Have Sex With Plastic?

You would be amazed. Those who aren’t in a relationship, for example. Those who can’t be in relationships for a variety of reasons. No matter what your stance is on this topic, you can be sure that this market will explode in the future.

Eventually, robots will become more and more realistic. Due to their number, the price will drop so they will be a lot more affordable than they are at the moment.

Why Would Someone Want to Have Sex with Plastic?

Incoming harsh truth: because a robot is less likely to bolt out the door when someone’s trying to fulfil a certain fantasy. There are many people who’ve got a rather dark side to them and cannot exercise it when in normal relationships.

Again, it sounds like an Alfred Hitchcock movie, but it’s all real. Very real.


Whether we like it or not, robots will become a part of everyday life. Some of us we’ll probably share a bedroom with them, while the rest will carry on having normal sex with normal partners.

It’s a bit scary, that’s true, but that doesn’t make it any less of a gradually more palpable reality. Samantha stands as proof for that. In the meantime, all we can do is grab a bucket of popcorn and watch it all happen.

We can also wonder if this won’t be the ending of humanity as we know it. The implications are bigger than we can assume at the moment.

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