Sending Nudes: Should You Do It? April 23, 2018 – Posted in: Adult Industry News, News

Sending Nudes

Sending Nudes? It was probably the invention of camera phones that inspired many people to take naked pictures of themselves and then send them to others. Of course, this is a much more common phenomenon nowadays than it ever was an in some cases, it is almost expected (especially in the context of a relationship).

However, there are a lot of questions surrounding the idea of sending nudes, probably one of the biggest being: “Should I do it at all?”.

Consider the Risks

While this might be a rather unsexy topic to talk about, the risks of sending nudes are something that should always be in the back of your mind. Not to worry you, of course – however, it is a practical thing to consider. Whilst online security has gotten a lot better, hacking is still a very real possibility. And it does happen a lot. If you’re a very private person and don’t want to your information to be put out there for all to see (including your naked body) then you may want to consider what kind of security measurements you have in place!

The Number One Factor – Trust

The thrill of sending naked pictures is understandable… It is something naughty and you are exposing yourself to someone in a very raw and candid way. However, it is still important to consider the person that you are exposing yourself to! Sending nude pictures to someone who you barely know probably isn’t a good idea, especially when that person may consider simply sharing the pictures with others or even posting them online.

This is often where a lot of people will stop if they think of the possibilities even for a moment. And it is why a lot of people will tend to do this only in the context of a trusting relationship: after all, they don’t want their pictures shared with anyone else but their partner.

Exhibitionists: A Different Set of Rules?

Exhibitionism can sometimes be likened to a fetish and this is something that quite a few people enjoy… Pure exhibitionism often means that you don’t really care who sees you naked: you enjoy showing off your body and like the fact that lots of other people also enjoy looking at it. If this seems like something that’s up your alley, then the worries of other people seeing your naked pictures probably aren’t going to phase you that much!

Online sex communities and adult dating sites will often allow their users to upload naked pictures. In fact, there will usually be a space on your profile where you can put these photos. You don’t necessarily have to share them with the public automatically, either. Usually, there will be measures put in place so that you can “unlock” them for certain users… If you feel like it and if they ask nicely! In this regard, it could be seen as a good middle ground for someone who may consider themselves to be something of a careful exhibitionist!

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