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Role play is extremely popular. For those who have never tried it, however, it can seem to be rather daunting. After all, it does involve slipping into a role you’ve never played before and stepping out of your comfort zone for a bit. This, of course, depends on the roleplay – the “sexy doctor and patient” or “sexy prison officer and inmate” are some of the typical role play tropes out there. However, as you might have guessed, there are other versions as well.

In fact, when it comes to role play it is really all down to where the limits of your imagination lie. Since many people have a wild and varied imagination, you can pretty much guess just what kind of nonsense they might get up to. This is why religious role-play also remains one of the more popular types.

Sex and Religion: A Western Taboo

People who like dressing up as bishops, nuns, priests and other ilk will often cite that they enjoy this kind of “naughty” behavior because it goes against the ethos and taboos laid down by the church. Since a lot of religion tends to be about abstinence (except within the confines of marriage) it can end up being a rather exciting experience for all involved. It is ultimately something that is “naughty”.

Of course, it depends on what type of religion turns you on. For the most part, people like to take Catholicism as an example. Some of the more extreme versions of the religion do involve practices such as flagellation and self-deprivation: which actually makes it the perfect background for BDSM.

Dressing up as a nun or a mother superior is a good example of “dom/sub” play. The mother superior can naturally act as the dom and will order the novice nun around. With a lot of male/female BDSM pairings, this usually takes the form of a priest (or someone higher, like a bishop or a pope) and their subservient. The subservient can be anything from a novice priest to a novice nun to a layperson who has seriously sinned and is very much in need of punishment.

Gods and Monsters

Of course, role plays based on religious practices do not have to always involve the Christian faith. In fact, there are many pagan religions which will also provide you with plenty of fodder for an interesting and exciting experience. You can take a look at the mythologies of other regions and see just where your specific kind of sexual fetish and role play can fit in.

Ultimately, role play is about doing what you feel comfortable with. Some people are indeed very comfortable with the idea of slipping into specific roles and many find certain things a huge turn on. As always, make sure to discuss these particular types of fantasy with your significant other. Often, a good compromise can be reached especially if you end up having compatible needs and desires. After a good amount of discussion, you can both start to get down and dirty!

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