Myth bust: The G-Spot June 22, 2015 – Posted in: Adult Industry News

It’s time to end the G-Spot mystery. It’s time to let the truth be known, there is no defined and proven true “G-spot”.

The “G-Spot” is supposedly a small area of tissue that surrounds the urethra, and is meant to be found by inserting a finger or two into the vagina and curving them towards the belly button in a “come hither” motion.

Sorry to burst that bubble, but there is no singular magical spot that has some form of magical pleasuring power over a woman; no. This is something that cannot be proven true. But instead it’s an entire zone that has several different organs, and when use accordingly together – this is the G-Zone…

The G-Spot or lack there of

Let’s continue the myth busting – there is also no such thing as a vaginal or clitoral orgasm. Let’s make this a little easier; there is just the female orgasm – just the one simple term.

Only about a quarter of women can come vaginally, and women who can’t orgasm through penetration don’t have anything to worry about – there is nothing wrong with that.
A study through the US found that women with problems reaching their orgasms have a smaller clitoris that will also be located farther from the vagina.

Research in regards to the mysterious and much talked about “G-Spot” does relieve the sexual pressure put on us as people, since the G-Spot has never been proven true. The idea is to feel pleasure, if you feel pleasure – you’re doing fine.
There is no need to shine a torch down her crotch in an extreme attempt to find the “G-Spot”, as stated prior, this is not one single location, but instead this is a pleasure region that functions as a team and works together to make her scream with joy.

Have a sigh of relief knowing that this larger pleasure centre involves the vagina, clitoris, and the urethra. Scientifically known at the Clitourethrovaginal (CUV) Complex.

The “G-Spot” phenomenon started in the 1950s with a German gynaecologist who claimed to have discovered an area on the upper side of the vaginal wall, that when touched in the right way, led to orgasms and ejaculations. This “discovery” led to generations of endless books, articles and more in regards to how to find, master, and orgasm from the “G-Spot”.

Now don’t go assuming that this spot doesn’t at all have any validity to it – as it has been recorded that women experience a heightened sensitivity when the upper vaginal wall is stimulated.  Which means there is some truth to that area being extra sensitive – but more so this is to teach that female pleasure and orgasms are a combination of the previously discussed points being stimulated all together – the CUV.

As previously stated – the majority of women don’t experience orgasms during intercourse – so having a clear understanding of how it all works down there really is important for a woman seeking pleasure.

The clitoris is not so easily seen, it isn’t in plain sight. A woman has to be familiar with her own body, having looked and understood and experienced it in past.
It’s worth mentioning that when you are so desperately in search of something during intercourse – it can kill the sexual energy and pleasure. Desperately flicking your fingers around inside of her vagina in an attempt to find the coveted “G-Spot”, for instance, would be an immediate mood killer.

You will find that a female easier experiences pleasure and orgasms when they aren’t worrying about it.

Explore what feels good, without over-thinking it. There is no one G SPOT, but more so this is in a way a G-Area, or a G-Zone. Remember that pleasure differs for all women, so take pride in your orgasms and take the time to discover.

Thank us later, but for now – revel in the fact that you can move on from the mythical “G-Spot” and instead, you can find joy and pleasure within an entire “G-Zone”.

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