Is the Mile High Club a Thing? October 2, 2017 – Posted in: Adult Industry News, News

The Mile High Club is one of the legends of sex. It has been talked about in all media and is frequently referenced in movies and television shows. The basic premise of it involves two people on an airplane who decide to visit the bathroom at the same time and have sex. While a lot of people may have tested this out, much more are willing to try it but don’t know where to begin. Others may question as to whether or not it really happens.

The truth is: Of course, it happens, but how often it happens and how enjoyable it is will depend on the flight and the people involved.

Sex in a Public Bathroom: In the Sky

Having sex in a public bathroom mainly has the thrill of getting caught. For some people, the thrill simply lies in the fact that they are somewhere public and that there are other people going about their business while they do the dirty. Whatever the case may be, public bathroom sex usually involves a cubicle. Cubicles tend to be rather cramped so there is also a limit to the positions that you are able to use.

Consider airplane toilets in this regard: they tend to be a lot smaller than usual cubicles. This can make it even more difficult. Spontaneous sex with a stranger in one of these is, therefore, going to be considerably difficult simply because the two of you will have to communicate your favorite positions, or what the best one is for both of you.

There is also another aspect which some people might find a turn on getting caught. However, getting caught is something that you may want to avoid depending on the kind of airline you’re flying. Some companies don’t take too kindly to it, and it could end up meaning that you are both banned from flying with them ever again. Some airlines may even make you subject to the laws of their country of origin and depending on what that country is, the punishments could be particularly severe!

The Best Case for Discreet Sex in the Air

You may have better luck in the Mile High Club if you are flying first class. This is simply because there is a lot more space involved and first class generally has a much more relaxed atmosphere. As well as that (at least on some aircraft) the crew may be willing to turn a blind eye. If you happen to be on a flight that is relatively empty, this can also end up providing you with a bit of leeway.

None of these points are guaranteed. But to answer the question, the Mile High Club is definitely a real thing. The only difference is that it just isn’t as much fun as it is made out to be in the movies. It’s best to save sex for where it really belongs: somewhere on the ground and preferably indoors!

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